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  • Marc McDonald - Microsoft's First Employee

    The Z stands for Zbikowski Smiley

  • Nar Ganapathy - Windows, the IO Manager and Driver Model, Part II

    Charles wrote:

    Note that it took significantly more time to type this reply with a stylus than to pen it...

    Try using that thing with all the buttons with alphabets and numbers on them Smiley
  • Nar Ganapathy - Windows, the IO Manager and Driver Model, Part II

    Yikes - please stop with the ink. I know it's cool to write it out, but consider this

    - Reading ink is like reading words in all caps. Our brain is so attuned to reading normal computer text that it has to shift gears to parse the person's handwriting and understand what's written.

    - I bet you could have typed that out faster

    I know this is OT and should belong on that thread about C9's ink support - but couldn't resist when I noticed how I stopped scanning through the page when I came to Charles' handwriting and read it carefully
  • Omar Shahine - Inside Hotmail

    Sorry for the late response. I'm from India and that's what my account settings reflect
  • Omar Shahine - Inside Hotmail

    When is Hotmail going to finish upgrading *all* accounts to 250MB? I find less and less reason to log in to my 2MB inbox and if it weren't for Passport, I would have dumped it long back. I'm sorry to be rude - but it isn't funny when Yahoo gives me over 100 and GMail gives me 1GB.

    I'm not able to view the video - so apologies if this has been answered in the video.
  • Gaurav Khanna - What is Rotor?

    Gaurav - I heard that the patch in that article doesn't work on the latest distros. It is a great place to start with though

  • Gaurav Khanna - What is Rotor?

    Adarsh - Though I'm not a lawyer, as I understand it, the Shared Source license means that you can play around as much as you want for academic purposes but you can't make commercial profit out of it. Also, I think Microsoft provides you some protection from their patents when you use the Rotor code - but I'm not sure

    Veeru - I understand your sentiment but technology is often driven by the needs of the marketplace. To learn more about Rotor, check out or
  • Gaurav Khanna - What is Rotor?

    A correction - Mono is an implementation of the CLi period. Linux just happens to be one of the platforms it supports.

    I've always wondered why Rotor doesnt support Linux - porting the PAL to Linux would have been a lot easier than porting to MacOs and FreeBSd (as the Rotor patches for Linux on the net would show).

    I seriously doubt whether it is a technical problem - more of a philospohy/competitor problem would be my guess

  • Sheila Gulati - Winning hearts and minds of developers in India

    I would suggest directly mailing one of the PMs of a product you want to work on. Obviously, if you just forward your resume you're going to get trashed. However, if you're really excited about a product and if they have open positions, you could try directly going to the PM.

    The key here is that you must have some 'stuff' to show off. Either a blog or community experience or hanging out in the newsgroups. Otherwise, there's no way they can judge you
  • Deepak Gulati - Working with ISV's in India

    Deepak can make you feel small sometimes with his prowess for languages. My native language is Tamil - something which he has learnt very recently. But the sad part is that he can read it faster than I can...and he can type it faster than most people type English

  • Deepak Gulati - Working with ISV's in India

    Deepak? In a full-hand shirt? When was the last time someone saw that? Smiley
  • Mythreyee Ganapathy - The challenge for Microsoft India: getting good talent

    [Update : This only applies to newly grads. What she says about the Indian industry itself is very true]

    I also want to address another thing that was said - that Indian students may be influenced by the service-oriented nature of the Indian IT industry.

    Now, it is true that most Indian IT developers have spent most (if not all) their career in the IT services market. But you're not talking about developers with experience here.

    You're talking of students fresh out of colleges - colleges that teach the same compiler theory, the same algorithms, the same data structures as students abroad.

    These students have no idea as to how the Indian IT market works - they are fresh out of college - and have the same mindset as their American counterparts.

    If you want an example that Indian students are good at building products, just look at last year's Imagince Cup when the Indian team won 2nd place. Or just look at the number of young Indians working at Microsoft itself
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