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Niner since 2004

Started multimedia development in the mid 80s on the Amiga computer.
Designed presentation software for real-time Sport/Weather broadcast in the early 90's.
Then moved to audio/video research for Play incorporated (known for their snappy capture device, gizmos98 and Trinity broadcast video products)
My current duty is CTO at Serious Magic, a windows software developer, re-inventing desktop video production.


  • Route 64 - Kang Su Gatlin talks about 64-bit

    Why 64bit ?  more registers.

    I usually see a 5-15% speedup going 64bit with time sensitive code.
    (even with data set only a few meg in size)

    Quick note: for people that write high efficiency/performance code, its not a good idea to ignore the underliying architecture.
    The number of bits per register to the instruction set extensions...  it all matter at the programmer level, not just the compiler.

  • Vista Audio Stack and API

    We are currently 'hacking' KSstream to synthetise actuall sample rate to use in our resmapler to eliminate drift... but acuratly synching multiple live device is still impossible. Example is audio / video sync , matching the right sample from a sound card mic with the right frame of a webcam or camcorder.

    It seem allot of fundamental features are still not implemented in the architecture or are left 'optional' for the driver writer to expose ...

    From what I hear and read. I'm not a happy camper.



  • Daniel Lehenbauer - Demo of Avalon 3D

    From the video I get the impression that this is overcomplicated for small task, and too limited for very large project...

    But the final result look cool.