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A C# Web and WPF developer with 17+ years experience. Consulting on a number of projects, for several major companies and banks.


  • Jeffrey Richter and his Async​Enumerator

    Just to say that I am a big fan of Jeff's work, and have been using his AsyncResult and AsyncEnumerator for some time, on a number of different projects.  I use the AE when loading WPF controls to make multiple asycn calls to a DB when fetching various bits of data that the control needs.  Subsequently the control loads up much more quickly, and when all of the data returns, I can update the control, all without having to use the Dispatcher.

    I do have one question though Jeff, you used to make the source code for your async library available on Wintellect, but now you only release a compiled library.  Why is this?  I have found that the latest release has caused a breaking change to my code, and so I am still using the version from May.  Can you at least outline what has changed between that version and Octobers release?