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  • Sharepoint Development with Visual Studio 2010

    So will we be able to do SharePoint development on Vista or Windows 7 against a WSS/MOSS server easily?  Or is the best experience still requiring using Windows Server as the developers workstation (or developer VM) OS?
  • Visual Studio 2010 Overview

    One of the things Rational has is the ability to drag and drop a pattern onto your design.  While you can implement this via GAT packages or Blueprints, the simplicity of dragging from a list of patterns onto your design and having the UML (okay, so it's not THAT great Wink) added was pretty cool to see.  Basically, a simple way to implement patterns.  I'd like that in VSTS.

    I didn't get to see what happens after the initial drag and drop, so I don't know if you could easily back it out, refactor it (say you implemented the facade pattern and decided later the mediator pattern was a better fit), or anything else.
  • Visual Studio 2010 Overview

    It's definitely my favorite cup.  Non-MS devs get the funniest look, and devs just think it's cool.