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  • Iain McDonald and Andrew Mason show off the new Windows Server OS

    staceyw wrote:

    So how is the MS print server configured in general?

    Server has the queues and the drivers for each printer, then each queue will point to the specific HP DirectJet card using TCPIP (i.e. no NetBIOS)?  So I assume you don't also get DirectJet broadcasts on the network which would confuse people - so PrintServer Queue is the only way to "get" to that printer with no backdoors to print directly to the card.  Is this right?  TIA

    Stacey, if the printer is TCP/IP enabled then you can multiple print servers pointing to the same printer, equally you can multiple queues for the same printer. XP and Vista can also act as print servers if you have the appropriate permissions so in answer to your question this is not a way to restrict anyone printing to the printer directly, it purely acts as a central administration point and also acts as a place where jobs are centrally spooled. If you wanted to do what your talking about you'd need to look at printer level security and perhaps putting the printers in their own VLAN so clients couldnt directly route to them.
  • Iain McDonald and Andrew Mason show off the new Windows Server OS

    "Did I hear corectly? No .NET Framework? Can we at least run SQL Server on Core?"

    The idea of Core is that if you just need a Core functionality box such as a DC, File, DNS or DHCP server then you dont need all the bits and pieces that go with it...such as .net framework.

    What he said is they are trying to add more roles into the Core and in the future IIS may be one of them and presumably apps like SQL Server might also.