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William Stacey staceyw Before C# there was darkness...
  • C# biggest awesome

    It is the dot.  Overlooked today. But the dot in dot.net changed everything from prior vb6 days.  It made the clean namespace and fx possible and the intellisense and tied everything in together.  Which also led to organized and contexful documentation.  The dot rules. 

  • New release of C# Compiler As a Service

    Dec 2001?  I suppose we were all to busy on 2.0 betas during Mono's June 20 2004 release. How time does fly.

  • WCF Data Services - Pros/Cons, your experiences or 2c

    wcf data services (i.e. astoria) is great. It is a nice way to expose your data and service methods.  There are some limitations in how you can query.  For example, you can't do a select many (e.g. for-for). So it not like have a full query connection.  But normally you can work around those cases by creative query or going other way in the relation.  With built-in support from clients like Excel (et all) and LinqPad, it is a good thing.  Using LinqPad for dev and test is a real time saver and just a good ad-hoc tool.   You can also self host the .srv (if you need tight control or startup or shared state) in addition to using IIS hosting and can use plain old CLR objects in additon to DB, so there is a lot options that get surfaced in uniform way.  Facebook insights uses it. http://www.odata.org/producers

  • The SL player defaulting to play

    Refresh a page with SL player here defaults to Play. I think default should be changed to not play. Can be a bit distracting. Especially when you are not expecting it at 1am Smiley

  • Windows 7 on more than 4 cores

    FWIW. 64-bit is nothing but a pain to me. No silverlight on 64 IE for one. Had IE back button issues until just the other day a SP seemed to fix it Smiley.  Drivers lag behind and not as tested as the more popular 32. Other strange print and pdf issues can pop up with apps like QB and more. I would just change back to win7 32 if it was not so much work at this point. I want to love it, but just do not see where it helps me in any way. 

  • Get your shell on with NETMF

    Created a PowerShell like shell for Micro Framework. Kinda cool. Shell running on a ARM7 Domino board running NETMF.

  • Windows on ARM

    My Micro Framework device (i.e. Fez at tinyclr.com) has been running on an ARM7 for some time. C# and the framework runs like a champ.  NetMF has a porting kit, so any processor can create their own HAL and port themselfs.  They can even port it to run over an OS, instead of direct metal.  I realize this is apples/oranges. But having a porting kit like NETMF does would have let ARM do this themselfs years ago. Smiley

  • Bob Muglia leaving

    Something like that does not happen without board direction.  Had to be $.

  • COM Port being locked up

    Another idea. Get a GSM that has an .Net object model or comm interface, then you can control it yourself. Or get a gsm module for more control. http://www.sparkfun.com/products/9427 . If your tied to their custom sw, I think turnkey will be hard to get and you may run into more issues.

  • COM Port being locked up

    Getting clearer.  Then it would seem is the GSM driver/sw is holding onto the device and not dropping after line drop.  Focus can now be shiffed to this issue. Any config settings in GSM control panel or command line apps?  Maybe look into NetSh command (avail on embedded?)