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  • WPF 3.5 Sp1, WebBrowser Control

    Great video! Loved the last part.

    // Stan
  • Silverlight - Calling HTTPS Web Services

    Great video but... it doesn't work.

    Made "exactly" the changes you demonstrated in the video. But it simply doesn't work.

    I'm using VS2008 SP1,
    Framework 3.5SP1,
    SilverLight 2.0 Beta2.
    The IIS 6 has only one domain baseadress for the WCF services. The IIS server are SSL enabled and are running .NET webservices along side. The service you demonstrated are working fine under http.

    When making the changes and rebuilding the project and post to the server the client can't speak with the WCF.svc.
    However the client can run under SSL and the WCF.svc is also visible in browser and when updating the servicereference in VisualStudio.
    But the client can't communicate with it dispite the changes in the servicereferense and changes to the binding in the hosting site web.config.

    Seems much harder to get SSL working with WCF than with the old .NET Webservices ;O).

  • Offline Data ​Synchroniza​tion Services in Visual Studio 2008

    Hi! Great video about sync Services. I saw it when it came out on channel9. Thought I would return to the subject when any resource/tutorial/sample app including LINQ was available.

    But now it's January and I haven't been able to find anything on LINQ to SQL classes together with Sync Services.

    We're using mergereplication on the SQL2005 server right now.

    Would love to switch to an easier approach since we're going to implement local datacahce on all our WPF client apps and take some load and traffic of the SQL2005 server when clients sorting, filtering and still using the most recent data available.

    LINQ together with SyncService will allow us to stay flexible when new demands comes in from the customers.

    Any tip on samples,tutorials,videos.. is appreciated.

    rgds, Stanley