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  • Securing ASP.NET Web APIs

    So if I was using WebApi as my service layer and I wanted to allow smartphones and tablet apps  and web browsers to access these endpoints in a secure manner, Would  I perform this  task by following the single page example demonstrated in the video? I know you guys are mainly focused on Windows products but be nice to see an Android or iOs device demo showing how to connect to an application server that is hosting the WegApi modules ( Windows Azure, OWIN on Windows Server )  to access data in a secure manner..



  • Securing ASP.NET Web APIs

    I like the video and it was very helpful but Daniel Roth was like on speed dial or using the force. Was this his first presentation?

  • Getting Started with jQuery - 14

    Only problem I had was my pop up blocker  was preventing the "This works" box from coming up on IE10

  • jQuery Selectors - 15

    I love this series on Jquery and I love Channel 9. Microsoft has really come a long way!