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steve01 steve01
  • HTML5 vs XP IE8 ???

    @ kettch

    I did say i didnt RTFM, and i do now have written a HTML4.01 page presenting the same things for the IE8 users. 


    from JQuery's blog:

    Why is the jQuery core team dropping support for oldIE (IE 6/7/8)? We're not! jQuery 1.9 will support oldIE when it's released next year. The jQuery team will continue to support and maintain version 1.9 even after jQuery 2.0 is released.

    How long will you support jQuery 1.9? As long as oldIE is a significant factor on the web.

    Even the old JQuery versions works real fine that problably most sites will use for years to come.

  • HTML5 vs XP IE8 ???


    The device is completely new product, there is no new firmware yet. But i did buy it for quite a lot of $. So i will live with the problems as you cant do own template html-files. I see little meaning in your post, 99.999999% of buyers of such product (me aswell) know all the things you mention. It was a surprised that i couldnt make own html templates though. I should have RTFM , but never the less i would had bought it. XP/IE8 user need to go away anyway, right?

  • HTML5 vs XP IE8 ???


    10-4 , Confirmed in my *old* IE8.  Well done Geoff.

    / Stoneage-Steve | I will go down with this ship (XP FTW) Tongue Out

  • HTML5 vs XP IE8 ???


    Google is ur friend or worst enemy!

    I should also had stayed away from here. But since Microsoft support did asked me to post this here, they can only blame themself for the many hits this thread will get in the future.

    Its "TOP 10" on a google search now with keywords "XP HTML5" ... ohoh..

    Maybe microsoft should add this metatag on channel9 forums.

    <meta name="robots" content="noindex, nofollow, noarchive" />

    Good i did use Tor-ip on all my postings.. 

  • HTML5 vs XP IE8 ???


    Why? I only have to look on the pictures to "get the picture" !

    Your compare a car made 30 years ago vs a New car with some boring text.

    And IE8 was released 2009 (how time flys by) and there was a major IE8 update

    May 27,2010 (8.0.6001.18702IC SP2)

    Hence , wtf are you meaning with this comparacy?

    FACT : Ordinary ppl dont change computers that often as you in here do.

    1 example:

    I have one customer that have a brand new Volvo and the Second car is a 5 year old BMW. He is using Windows XP Home Edition with a P4 3GHZ i sold 5 years ago. He has no plan to upgrade his computer (as he think its rather new) but he call me all the time on IE8 bugs. I will guide him in here to continue this meaningless thread.

  • HTML5 vs XP IE8 ???

    Lol, im not from Germany. They spell even worse than me.

    But you must be from either Poland or US right?

    For quoting the offtopic part :

    For you information, i can get parts to basically all old cars in US and UK.


  • HTML5 vs XP IE8 ???


    Your statement makes absoulutely no sense to ME.

    As Microsoft did sell XP until 2-3 years ago and IE8 was released 2008 iirc?

    So, customers are not likely to choose W7/IE9 when they cant log in to their bank pages to pay bills with the computer they bought 2 years ago. Do you change computer every year?

  • HTML5 vs XP IE8 ???

    Channel9 is another matter entirely. Channel9 should fix their site to work on IE8. This is easy for them to do, and involves no internal Microsoft politics.

    That is an entirely different matter to making IE10 available on Windows XP, which is hard and involves lots of internal Microsoft politics.

    Correct, but it is Microsoft employees that will fix the bug on Channel9 forum owned and supported by Microsoft™

    And you keep talking about XP - IE9/IE10 i have never ever expected that. But i think they should fix their Javascript bugs on IE8. Then the customers will buy Win7 - Win 8.

    And you said i havnt sold Microsoft products for the past 5 years. WTF? Have i ever said i didnt  sell W7 to customers until this day? I have sold W7 installed in my computers, the last one was delivered last week. But I dont like W7 and will continue to use XP Pro !

  • HTML5 vs XP IE8 ???


    Only did read the first line of your post, actually you dont know about the conversation i have with Microsoft in my mailbox. Do you? They are working on this pages IE8 bug because i was annoyed with it. Seems like they care about my points!


    Good point but in this case its impossible for the hardware vendor to change, as they use most of the new HTML5 features to produce a small HTML.file. I totally agree that is not likely that microsoft will update IE8 to support HTML5. But hey i did give it a go !

    @ spivonius 

    Im not forcing the visitors to upgrade, actually im working on a different HTML4-page to present the same thing for all the IE8 users. So the HTML5 Dialog is just a temporary solution. Btw, the products i talk about is ControlByWeb.com hardware if anyone is interested. 

    @ Bas - Youre summary is very interesting.. sigh..

  • HTML5 vs XP IE8 ???

    Once again 2 meaningless comments. Dont use canvas! Well actually in this case I dont use Canvas, its a hardware device that genarate a HTML5 page i embed in a iframe on this website. So there is nothing I can do. But i get dayly mails why they cant see that Page. I do show a JQuery-Dialog telling they are not using a HTML5 browser and should upgrade their browser, what more can I do? Like you are telling me its 2012 and i cant demand the hardware manufactory to use HTML 4 on their new products.

    @PaoloM : Get a life 

    Keep *bumping* the thread , i will answer all your newbie questions. Im sure Microsoft will be happy of your comments keeping this thread on the top 10 ! Thanx a lot !