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  • Deep Dive: The New Rendering Engine in Microsoft Internet Explorer 8

    Can you provide a better audio link? that static is insanely bad, I turned up my headphones to hear it, only to feel my ears bleed when the static started, again,and again...
  • Bill Hill: Digital Democracy and the Declaration of Digital Independence

    Hi Bill,

    Sorry for the delay in replying, I was out of the country for a while.

    Yes, I've tried tinkering with the ClearType tuner tool, and each choice was no better than the first.

    I find it odd, that you indicate that black on white should be the best case scenario, because everyone I talk to indicates the same issue (and most of them do not notice it on colors as it blends better.

    Anyway, to help prove my point and visualize the issue, I've loaded the Google main page in IE7 with ClearType on, and ClearType off, taken a screenshot, then zoomed in on the image, and posted the images online (and with some luck) linked to them here.

    As you can clearly see in the ClearType shot, the text is blurred because of the pixel color offset. (as if I tried to save the non-cleartype image as a low level JPEG.

    Here's the zoomed image, without ClearType (400%):

    Notice how there is black for the text, navy for the hyperlinks, and white for the background.  The only anti-aliasing is on the bold "Web" text, using gray (between black and white) to smooth out the diagonal/curved portions of the text.

    Here's the zoomed image, with ClearType on (400%):

    Notice now that *everything* is anti-aliased, but not with gray for the black text, and not with light blue, for the hyperlinks.

    Notice that the "I" in "Images" is now 2 pixels wide... 1 pixel of navy, and 1 pixel column of pink! (which on the blue, makes everything look a bit purple... it no longer even looks like navy)

    If you look at the black word search, it looks blurry... if you squit your eyes, it looks ok (since your mind helps crispen the image).  But under regular viewing, it looks like one of those raw 3D images that you need the red/green glasses on to merge the offset images.

    Note also that the colon ":" after Search, is no longer black at all, but a 2 pixel wide smear of orange and light blue!?

    The whole experience is ruined, as it looks like a printout of black text, on a printer that only has Cyan/Yellow/Magenta instead of a full CYMK cartridge.

    Now if there are magic settings with the cleartype tuner, then I'd love to see what they are, so I can apply them, but on my screen(s) (both CRT and LCD), at any resolution (always native, and never stretching the aspec ratio)

    Also, if your settings don't exhibit the issues I'm seeing, I would love to see a screen capture (@100%) is fine of what you see when viewing black/dark text on white.

  • Bill Hill: Digital Democracy and the Declaration of Digital Independence


    I enjoyed hearing Bill Hill talk about the changes and advances in technology and the digital print world.  It was very informative.

    I would like to know though, where I can contact the Microsoft ClearType team and or the related IE team to discuss the ClearType feature.

    I'm in a different mindset for ClearType.  I personally hate it with a passion, because 95% of the text I read is black text, on a white background (or very close to that scenario).

    I'm not sure if my eyes are better than others (I don't yet wear glasses), but even on the highest resolution screens that I use daily, with ClearType turned on, all I can see is the blurry colors (red, blue, green) that appear along side the letters on screen.
     I physically have to squint my eyes so that the color "bleeds" into the black, so that my brain
     isn't cramping trying to un-blur the image.
     Its not just on curved letters, or angled letters either.  Even the lowercase letter "L" is a blur.
     Are their tools to only apply ClearType to fonts over 24pt in size? or only to text that is not close to black on white?
     In the mean time I've turned ClearType off, and the headaches have all gone away, but I would have to suspect by the ammount of effort
     that has gone into ClearType that there must be some benifit for the other scenarios, so I would like to know if I can use it there (or at least try it out)