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Soe Tun stun
  • C# to VBish in .NET 3.0?

    Minh wrote:
    phreaks wrote:
    I am a Sr. Architect / Business Analyst.

    Holy crap! And you don't know what "var" is?

    phreaks wrote:
    My code needs no comments, it reads like English...

    That explains it. You're doing COBOL.

    phreaks wrote:
    And err, I have been employed in the real world for almost 15 years now. Thanks for the concern though.
    Sure, no problem. I'm just special like that.

    Guys, please lets keep the flaming and using sentences that might not read "right" out of this thread please.

    What I wanted from this post is a mature discussion between developers
    about their viewpoint on the topic, not flaming and getting mad at each other.

  • C# to VBish in .NET 3.0?

    phreaks wrote:
    My opinion is based on what I know my dev's will do with this technique;

    This is exactly what I am afraid of happening.
    OK, I could agree that the "var" is a necessary "evil" (depending on how you look at it).

    But in the hands on incompetent coders you'd have to deal with everyday
    that'd be a case of the worst dreams of a Software Engineer come true.

    You all know it. There are lots of people out there with horrible coding skills
    and giving them this "var" can be a nightmare if abused.
    Oh believe me, "var" WILL be abused.

    My point is this.
    Knowing how to make fire to cook something? Great
    Accidentally burning down everything? Nightmare !!!

    Just my $0.02

  • C# to VBish in .NET 3.0?

    I just want to confirm whether this is true or not.
    I just found this article that someone posted about a new language feature in C# 3.0 .NET.

    See URL = http://www.codepost.org/view/126

    If this is true, WHY WHY WHY ???
    GOD NO !!!! Please don't make C# go the VB way.

    // C# 2.0 behavior
    int i = 10;
    string s = "Hello codepost visitors!";

    // New C# 3.0 var type Perplexed
    var i = 5;
    var s = "Hello again!";

    Can anyone confirm please?


  • Is Vista really slow?

    Ion Todirel wrote:
    Aestivalis wrote:
    Ion Todirel wrote:

    no its not, my computer have this configuration:

        AMD AthlonXP 2800 +
        768MB DDR PC3200
        nVidia GeForce FX5900 
        2x120G SATA1
    (OK its old, don't tell me)

    and its runing just fine, no lantecy no nothing, just works.
    Only that ~500MB of RAM is used, why so much? Also i don't like to see that patches (KB...) in WINDOWS folder, why they are there? Why thy don't fix...

    Works wonderful on my windows box.
    AMD Athlon™-64 X2 DDR400 PCI-Express
    3 GB DDR PC3200
    NVidia GeForce 7900 GTX 512MB (One of the best Graphics cards to my understanding)

    Anyway it works great so *shrugs*
    what is your rating? (mine is 3 )

    My computer's rating is 4.

    CPU: P4 3.4GHz w/ Hyperthreading
    Memory: 2GB DDR2
    Graphics: Nvidia 7800 GTX 256tMB
    Hard Drive: Seagate SATA 300GB
    Sound: Creative Xi-Fi

    After computer startup, the memory is used up to 750MB already with NO applications running.
    Works fine, but I still feel it is a bit slow. Not quite sure why.

    I have been having so many crashes with the Sound Card driver for my Creative Xi-Fi card and my Nvidia card driver.

  • New version of MFC ?

    Manip wrote:
    Aestivalis wrote: 
    Manip wrote: 
    Charles wrote: 
    Cornelius Ellsonpeter wrote: 
    Cairo wrote: 
    Aestivalis wrote: I take it you mean Microsoft Foundation Classes ? There will be no more new versions I do believe.
    Just ask Beer28.

    That is sort of a recursive request.

    For those of you saying that there will be no future versions of MFC, I'd suggest you watch the video and get your story straight....

    I'm saying that there shouldn't be any more versions of that awful framework.

    Why would I ask beer?

    I don't know, why WOULD you ask beer?

    Should I be asking beer?