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Soe Tun stun
  • Fictional computer technology books with [p][o][r][n] sounding titles

    Head First Dependency Injection  Wink

  • [real ​discussions]​Did the Microsoft Stack Kill MySpace?

    @felix9MySpace insiders blame the Microsoft stack

    It is like saying "I failed my Physics class because I took the PE class."

  • T4 Code Generators

    I wrote my own T4 templates to point to a SQL Server Database and generate

    1. View Models (with Model Metadata info like [Required], [StringLength] based on SQL Schema)
    2. Repository classes
    3. Service classes

    Cuts down a lot of tedious code for me and lets me focus on writing the important business logic code.


    Microsoft MVP Dane Morgridge open sourced his T4 templates for generating Repository classes also.

    If you Google for it, you'll see lots of blogs posts on T4 also.

  • MSR OS Project Drawbridge : OS services as libraries

    When will the interview video go up? I wanna watch it already.

  • Why I'm pre-ordering an iPad 2

    , ManipUni wrote

    But the iPad and Galaxy Tab have similar touch sensors?

    I don't know if they have the same touch sensors, but I can definitely say this.

    Try swiping your fingers across the screen to go to the next page.
    Even that *most basic* functionality isn't smooth.
    Sometimes, it doesn't even 'register' the touch motion, which is very disappointing.


    If companies are trying to compete with the iPad/iPhone, they need to pay attention to detail as much as Apple does.
    Currently, I feel like everybody is trying to catch up by just putting out new devices.

    But they are forgetting the most important one: User Experience.

  • Why I'm pre-ordering an iPad 2

    , ManipUni wrote:


    Interesting criticism. When did you try a Android Device last? I can detect no difference between the iPad and any recent device I've used (even cheap ones).

    I tried this $499 Samsung Galaxy Tab from BestBuy about two weeks ago. Hated it.

  • Why I'm pre-ordering an iPad 2

    #1 reason why I am not gonna buy the Android Tablets = Bad Quality Touchscreen Experience.

    The touchscreen is not 'responsive' like the iPad/iPhone's touchscreen.
    It feels laggy and sometimes doesn't detect my touch at all.


    #2 reason = Bad User Experience with the UI (yes this is subjective).
    With those two alone, I can't stand the Android tablet at all.

  • Who is picking up the new SSDs?

    (1) OCZ's 550MB/s reads and 525MB/s writes but *25nm NAND* http://www.storagereview.com/intel_ssd_510_review_250gb

    (2) Intel's 450MB/s reads and 210MB/s writes *34nm NAND* http://www.storagereview.com/ocz_vertex_3_review_240gb

    (3) Crucial/Micron C400 415MB/s reads and 260MB/s writes *25nm NAND* http://www.tomshardware.com/news/25nm-process-solid-state-drive-RealSSD-Crucial-m4-Dean-klein,11887.html

    Finally it is time to jump on the SSD bandwagon for me. Planning to buy a SSD drive.
    Anyone else upgrade to SSD newest generation drives within a month or so?

  • Windows 7(8) Tablet Edition for ARM ????

    , brian.​shapiro wrote


    We're also not just talking about single types of devices, but for instance, some people in the future might want to use, desktop computers with touch capacitive screens for certain purposes like illustration, in order to not have to buy a new device for it. A laptop with a touch capacitive screen will just be the counterpart to that.

    It is a good idea to make it applicable to all types of devices imaginable.
    It'd become too big of a project.

    Look what Apple did with iPad.
     It has a limited feature set, but its sole purpose an easy-to-use device suited for everybody.
    1. Grandma to send email
    2. Corporate Executives can use it as a device on-the-go with custom built applications
    3. Kids to play games with

    Sure it doesn't replace the laptop or desktop, but it does really well for what it is designed to.


    So I think Microsoft needs to
    1. think of must-have-kick-* features.
    2. worry less about backward compatibility  -- otherwise, it definitely can slow down the innovation
    3. don't be too closed like iPad (e.g., not having a USB port), but don't go overboard
        e.,g OMG  WE  HAVE  5 USB PORTS !!!
    4. spend a bit more on Device Form Factor + esthetics like Apple.

    In short....Microsoft needs to learn to go the minimalist approach like Apple.


    Otherwise, I feel like Microsoft brand is becoming too rigid (same old same thing) with today's younger generation of people.

  • Windows 7(8) Tablet Edition for ARM ????

    I have said this before and I'm going to say it again.

    Windows' full-OS UI is not suitable for a touch screen device like an iPad. It is clunky.
    Microsoft needs Surface or Courier like UI to compete with the iOS.


    Here is what I'm afraid of i.e., the route which Microsoft will take that will spell failure (or) half-* attempt.

    Devices like HP Slate are crap.
    They are just another one of those iPad wanna-bes and fail miserably.


    I just hope that Microsoft doesn't go the Microsoft Kin route with this touch screen tablet market.
    That would spell a half * lame attempt and will fail and ruin its chance to get into the market.

    People expect a lot better quality and polished product since Apple has raised the bar for tablet devices.


    I am NOT an Apple fanboi in case you are wondering.
    I only have an iPhone, but I don't plan to buy an iPad.

    If iPad 2.0 is any better and can be used almost as a laptop-PC replacement, I'd consider buying an iPad.