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Soe Tun stun
  • Dean ​Hachamovitc​h: IE9 Questions and Answers - The C9 Questions Thread


    Question 1

    Why did IE team not  just copy Google Chrome's style Tabs? Currently, the IE9 design feels really cluttered and can't read my [Tab] titles.

    I love Google Chrome style tabs because I can just move my mouse pointer to the *very* top of the screen without having to aim my pointer.

    Question 2

    Why is IE9 still NOT supporting [Ctrl] + [PgUp] and [Ctrl] + [PgDown] to switch between tabs?
    I really hate that I can't use the *basic* simple keyboard shortcuts that all other Browsers seem to have.

    Question 3

    When IE9 is being worked on, did the IE team think about adding in AddOn support like FireFox?
    No matter what, FireBug still is the #1 must-have web-developer AddOn.

    Is HTML5 the only thing being focused on in IE9?

  • IE9 Beta

    Please IE Team, just straight steal Google Chrome's design for [Tab Bar] and [Address Bar] placement.

    No need to reinvent the less functional wheel while there already is a better solution.


    Look how horrible the current IE9's design is (screenshot #3).


  • IE9 Beta

    PerfectPhase said:
    Dr Herbie said:


    That's a no to a second row of tabs, though it does seem really fast and the docking/undocking of tabs is done very well, I like.


    Also unable to post to C9!

    I love that the "New Tab" speed is fast <== something I have been complaining for the longest time.


    However, Google Chrome's [Tab Bar] and [Address Bar] placement is still better in my opinion.

    IE9's style makes the Address Bar shrink so much that you can't read the whole URL, which I hate.


    Plus, it is easier to click on a tab in Google Chrome (simply just move to the top of the screen. No need to aim.)

  • Why is Channel9 fast?

    vesuvius said:
    Shining Arcanine said:

    I think you are doing very well as a replacement for coronacoder.


    I don't mean to gang up or pick on you either, but I was initially impressed by a number of your posts and arguments, but you seem to have completely lost the plot recently.


    I think you really need to step out of the bubble you are living in.


    Probably the most important thing you can do is to go out and get some real world experience at this stage, before you get to a PhD. I am working with a number of PhD's and the lack of real world exposure sometimes completely negates their academic distinction. If you are going to research real world problems, and fix them, then you must live in the real world, which you clearly are not at the moment, and like some smarter than I, I lack the time or patience to educate you on the error of your ways.

    Oh yeah what happened to Corona Coder?

    Haven't seen that troll around at all.

    Just to be clear, I'm NOT wishing for him to come back Devil .


    Btw, people like CoronaCoder won't listen to reason and live in a bubble.

    Your words will be lost on them because of their extremist views and ridiculous talking points.

    Don't waste your time on them.

  • Finally getting to use .NET 3.5

    Why don't you guys just upgrade to VS2010 instead? No license yet?

    After working in VS2010, I just don't want to go back to VS2008. It is much better (a bit slower tho in certain areas).

  • Google opens VP8 codec & Theora update

    leeisl said:
    stun said:


    "In its HTML5 support, IE9 will support playback of H.264 video as well as VP8 video when the user has installed a VP8 codec on Windows."

    Make of that what you will.


    I am surprised...I guess the IE team isn't as evil as they used to be Big Smile hehe.

  • Google opens VP8 codec & Theora update

    PaoloM said:
    PaoloM said:

    In other words: let's hope not. Apparently users are very smart nowadays, so they'll be able to decide what and where to get any neccessary component of their system.

    There are a lot of clueless non-technical users out there.

    They won't know why a video is not playing because a codec is missing.


    That is the idea difference between Apple and Microsoft.

    Apple dumbs down too much and removing features.

    Microsoft doesn't dumb down enough, and cannot claim "It just works" like Apple does in certain areas.

  • Google opens VP8 codec & Theora update

    As expected, Google is releasing the VP8, and it is very good news!

    Unfortunately, the fight over the HTML5 Video format among the browser vendors is going to take longer.


    I am pretty sure IE team is going to make it difficult again.

    They will bring up topics about DRM in HTML5 videos and etc.


    if they are being nice, they will go along without making a big fuss since Silverlight can take care of DRM in web video streaming.

  • When full disclosure regarding Aliens happens, what will you do?

    CreamFilling512 said:

    Declare war, steal their technology, and conquer their worlds.  Advance the human empire.

    or call Will Smith !!!

  • When full disclosure regarding Aliens happens, what will you do?

    DCMonkey said:

    I, for one, will welcome ...

    Our New Overlords !!!