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  • Part 1: Series Introduction

    Thanks Bob.

    I'll certainly start getting my hands dirty with C# now. I've already downloaded the whole C# fundamentals series and source code and I'm going to start with it right now.

    I would like to ask you one more thing. During and after the series lessons are there any exercises that I can follow to become proficient in writing code? because I'm not from computer science background and I know very little about softwares and applications(only enough for me to use them)

    Even during your VB lessons I tried my best to follow and learn all the concepts but couldn't figure it out by myself how and where to apply all those concepts.

  • Part 1: Series Introduction

    hey Bob!

    Thanks for the great lessons!

    I'm absolutely new to any programming language. but recently I've gone through your series for learning Visual Basic Fundamentals. I'm almost through it.

    I want to begin with your series for developing windows 8 apps using C# but the language that I am now familiar with is VB. Can I start with the series without learning C# or is it necessary for me to go through the C# fundamentals series even if I know VB?

    I have all the resources that you said are needed to start developing Windows 8 apps, including Visual Studio Ultimate 2012, Windows 8 pro.