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  • Linux Command Line on Windows

    Do you have a transcript?

    And more details please! I want to hear kernel guys — I want to grill them! What did you add to the Windows kernel to make this work? If you didn't add anything and just built upon it, well then how do you create processes from ELF executables? (don't be shy, show us Task Manager) how did you get mmap to work well enough without lying about page size? dare I say, how did you get mmap working at all?

    Not just technical details, I want to ask strategical questions too. What's your commitment here? what kind of integration can we expect with Windows processes? will we ever get to mix and match UNIX and Windows system calls in the same process? what will be your supported scenarios and how long a game are you playing here? is the Linux subsystem here to stay or it will be just a fad like Interix?