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    blaise wrote:

    OK, I joined!

    This response has just been overwhelming.  Thank you all!


    You're very welcome Blaise.  We were bowled over by the video.  We are currently building a new site which offers virtual interactive tours down streetscape panoramas from the world's most famous streets.  Coming soon are London's Oxford Street and NYC's 5th Ave, and there are already a few beta streets on there right now.  You can even click on the shop doors and 'walk inside' their online stores.

    Would people like to see's and Live Labs' technology merged?  Perhaps now is an ideal time to discuss this further with you guys at Microsoft, that is if you agree there's an interesting partnership possibility there Blaise?   Our mutual goals seem to be the same - the ultimate dream of an augmented reality where people from Indonesia can walk down a street in London and see all the 'sites'.

    We'd be very interested in feedback from anyone here on our site's usability and potential future ideas too.  We're working hard to release Oxford Street within a couple of weeks, so join our updates list for a spam-free announcement then.

    Keep up the amazing work.  Can't wait to see the beta.  Drop us a line if you like the idea of beating Google to it, as I hear they are working on a similar thing to A9's photo-street mapping (not quite what we're doing, as ours is of course higher resolution with sound effects etc.)