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sysrpl sysrpl
  • Silverlight, another nail in its coffin

    , Ian2 wrote

    The new WinRT stuff is just Silverlight by another name, and closer to the metal to boot. 

    IMO it is just politics that it isn't called "Silverlight.RT" or some such.

    Except WinRT apps don't work in a variety of browsers they only work on Windows 8, they cannot run along with the desktop, require submission and approval from Microsoft to run, and Microsoft takes 30% of any money generated from your app.

    And as far a "closer to the metal" goes, you're the first person I've heard describe Windows 8 Metro apps as "closer to the metal".

  • Silverlight, another nail in its coffin

    In the past I invested time in learning how to develop with Silverlight. I stopped when it became clear  MS was going to scrap it. They pulled The Gu away from it, Jesse the Silverlight Geek stopped working for Microsoft, and it seemed like Ballmer's "Developer's, developer's, developer's" rant was just more lip service. Microsoft develops something, promotes it to developers, then walks away and pushes the next something to replace the last something; leaving the many who invest time, effort, and money chasing Microsoft technology royally screwed.

    Microsoft killed off Silverlight.net this week. The Silverlight gallery is gone along with the Silverlight blogs, and 90% of the video training series as Microsoft prepares to kill off Siverlight.

    From the comments:

    The biggest mistake Microsoft made was to stop developing VB6. Everything after that has been a failure.

    I agree that Microsoft stopping development of VB6 was a huge mistake.

  • Hobby electronics programming

    Has anyone here done any hobby work with electronics and micro controllers? I was wondering how hard it would be to program appliances like this ice cream maker.

    I figure the computer controlled part of that setup could be built using an arduino and one of the many cheap and small touch screen LCDs available today.

  • Interest in Microsoft Surface 2nd to Last

    Kids, the purveyors of what is cool and not-so-cool, ranked Microsoft Surface next to last in tech device interest, just ahead of Apple TV and behind any other mobile phone.


  • Do you have romnesia?

    @Bass: To animate all you do is repeatedly call setTimeout, then adjust styles based on an easing. A while back wrote a little easing browser for my own user defined easings (across multiple languages/platforms). Test page here.

    <script type="text/javascript">
    // a few example easings
    function linear(percent) { return percent; }
    function easy(percent) { return percent * percent * (3.0 - 2.0 * percent); }
    var negcospi = 1.61803398874989;
    function snap(percent) {
        percent = percent * percent;
        percent = (percent * 1.4) - 0.2;
        return 0.5 - Math.cos(Math.PI * percent) / negcospi;
    function time() {
      return new Date().getTime() / 1000;
    // the animate routine
    function animate(element, easing, duration, onanimate, ondone, start) {
      start = start == null ? time() : start;
      window.setTimeout(function() {
        var percent = (time() - start) / duration;
        var done = percent >= 1.0;
        if (done) {
            onanimate(element, 1.0);
            if (ondone) {
        } else {
            onanimate(element, easing(percent));
            animate(element, easing, duration, onanimate, ondone, start);
      }, 5);
    // our onanimate callback and a play function
    function move(element, percent) {
      element.style.left = 2000 * percent + "px";
    function play() {
      animate(document.getElementById("red"), snap, 2.0, move);
    <div id="red" style="background: red; position: relative; width: 100px; height: 100px;"></div>
    <button onclick="play()">Play</button>

  • Do you have romnesia?

    , dahat wrote

    brought to you by the same man who was against gay marriage and the individual mandate before he was for them

    So you are upset that Obama wasn't for marriage equality sooner, is that your complaint? How does supporting Republicans, who traditionally attack gays, advance that cause?

    Obama said that raising the national debt by 4 trillion in 8 years was unpatriotic... but 5.5 trillion (so far) in less than 4

    I'm not sure where that attribution is sourced, but I thought you'd like to know that there was this market collapse brought on by the last Republican administration which wrecked our economy. I know a lot of morons worship the altar of free market economics, but that's not how the world works. People with money and power game the system to recursively extend their control, and the Republicans are the party that caters to the rich who want more money and power.

    and bravely took a stand against military engagements without congressional oversight... until he became the first President to violate the War Powers Act.

    Yeah right. Hey I'm not a friend of Obama, but I think everyone agrees that Republicans are war hawks (chicken hawks). That is, they are more accepting of going to war, funding defense contractors, and are in greater favor of using our army/bombs/might to attack people across the globe. 

    You're saying you don't like military engagements, so ... vote Republican? This makes zero sense.

    "If you don't have any fresh ideas, then you use stale tactics to scare the voters. If you don't have a record to run on, then you paint your opponent as someone people should run from. You make a big election about small things."  – Barack Obama

    Wow, talk about using the wrong context. What you quoted above was Obama describing the modus operandi of the Republicans who were criticizing him. You attempted to flip the meaning to the opposite. It's quite telling that you are so eager to disinform others.

  • Do you have romnesia?

    @Dr Herbie:The JSON file if anyone cares to edit it -> http://doyouhaveromnesia.us/data.txt


  • Do you have romnesia?

    Here is a I quick web page I wrote (no jquery, just javascript):



  • Jullian Assange Escape Plan

    @spivonious:what exactly do you think assange is charged with, other than not reporting to the British authorities?


  • Jullian Assange Escape Plan

    This document describes a method for Julian Assange to escape from Britain, avoiding arrest and arriving safely undetected in Ecuador.

    Materials and personal required:

    1 security expert who can sweep the embassy for bugs
    1 person of the same height and approximate weight as Julian Assange
    1 highly skilled special effects makeup artist
    1 car driver and car
    1 diplomat and airplane prepped for an international flight

    A brief description of the plan:

    A person (the visitor) not looking at all like Julian Assange, but of his same height and approximate weight, regularly makes short daily "in and out" visits the Ecuadorian embassy in Britain. If the police routinely see the visitor entering and leaving the embassy everyday and allow him to come and go unmolested then one day the visitor stops showing up and Assange has escaped.

    How it works:

    All principles are given the details of the escape plan including, a special effects makeup artist, a visitor, a driver, a diplomat.

    A security expert begins making regular trips to the Embassy to make sure it is free of ease dropping or spy equipment. Equipment which make have been secretly installed by the British authorities. Keeping the activities of individuals inside the Ecuadorian secret is important for any escape plan to work.

    A person, the visitor, is to be interviewed selected based on secret confidence and his Julian Assange matching height and weight. A confidential make up artists meets with the visitor takes photos, does his studies, then visits the Ecuadorian embassy to do the same with Assange.

    The visitor then begins to make regular, short daily visits to the Ecuadorian embassy, and unbeknownst to the police, acclimating them to his regular short visits. A week or so later the makeup artist begins making trips to the embassy where he stays overnight, again acclimating the police to his routine.

    A duplicate pair of clothing purchased. One set is given to the visitor, the other is worn by the makeup artist underneath his clothing.

    The day before the planned escape the makeup artist goes to the Embassy as usual. He begins the process of transforming Assange into the visitor. Care and time is taken to make certain Assange looks absolutely identical to the visitor.

    Then next morning Assange changes into the duplicate set of clothing delivered by the makeup artist. The visitor arrives at the Embassy wearing the same outfit, looking identical to the transformed Assange. A final touch up to is made to Assange when he and the visitor are side by side, hidden in private inside the Embassy.

    After a few minutes, per usual, the visitor leaves the embassy. But this time it is not the visitor, it is Assange disguised as the visitor.

    Both the makeup artist and the real visitor remain hidden (out of sight of any windows) inside the embassy until Assange has arrived in Ecuador.

    Assange in disguise walks down the street and is picked up by the driver. He is driven to a private airport with a plane and diplomat waiting. He boards the plane along with the diplomat, making the plane a diplomatic plane, and leaves Britain flying towards Ecuador.

    How the plain might fail:

    If the police stop and interview everyone entering and leaving, regardless of their visit frequency then this plan will not work. Assange will not be arrested, but it will be known to the principles that the plan cannot go forward and should be aborted.

    If someone leaks the details of the plans to the British authorities then the plan will fail. The confidence of the principles and secrecy of the plan is paramount.

    If the British employ spy techniques greater than those that can be resolved by the security expert, the plan may be revealed, possibly leading to the capture of Assange.