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  • Consolidated E3 Content

    Rank cool E3 in real time using Web 2.0. Promote your favorite E3 content by voting for it, or adding it to the list. Remember, you can only vote once ... so get clicking!

  • Microsoft's Shell Namespace 10  Years On

    The page loads for me jst fine in IE, though I confess that I use Firefox mainly. What kind of delay you experiencing? A second or two, or does it hang?

  • Earthman Shares an Audience with Ming the Merciless?

    When did asking our government officals questions move into the fantasy realm of seeking an audience with Ming the Merciless?

  • Microsoft's Shell Namespace 10  Years On

    I put up a new programmer's article online here that takes technical look at the Windows shell namespace. You can view a screencast of the results here.

  • Open Source Delphi - Git yer pickins

    This is well worth a look. If you are interested in picking through stuff like how to natively embed an explorer window, or how to create a variety of custom controls.

    Some conversion needed, but maybe you want it as a reference.


  • Simple Laws of Economic Science

    Is gas getting expensive? For those of you that don't "get it", here is a brief overview of the simple laws of economics.

  • Is Gas Expensive? Simple Laws of Economic Science

    Do you think gas is getting expensive? For those of you that don't "get it", here is a brief overview of the simple laws of economics.

  • First Screen From My Pinball Conversion

    I've been working on converting a pinball table to Future Pinball. Here is a screen shot of the WIP

    Keep tabs on this project here.

  • Colbert Report at the White House with video

    I dunno. Maybe because the video in the other thread is lower resoltuion and is half the length of the video's I posted?

  • Socket Server & Client ​class/compo​nent

    Years ago I wrote a socket class that made socket programming easier, and I believe I got the programming model perfect on the first attempt. Here is a small zip file of my core files that contains a Modeler.Net.ListenerSocket and a Modeler.Net.ClientSocket.

    Both objects support async sockets, and use framework's the built in thread pool.

    Use as follows:

    Create the socket passing the default send and receive buffer size and option async notifier interface (if using winforms, the form class supports this interface).

    ClientSocket s = new ClientSocket(102400, this);

    Set your host, port, and event handlers (you can optionally set an error event handler).

    s.HostName = "www.google.com";
    s.Port = 80;
    s.Receive += new SocketReceiveEventHandler(ClientReceive);
    s.StateChange += new SocketStateChangeEventHandler(ClientChange);

    Call connect and write handler code.


    public void ClientReceive(object sender,
        SocketReceiveEventArgs e)
        edit.Text += e.Text;

    public void ClientChange(object sender,
      SocketStateChangeEventArgs e)
        switch (e.CurrentState)
            case SocketState.Connecting:
                this.Text = "Connecting";
            case SocketState.Connected:
                edit.Text = "";
                this.Text = "Connected";
                s.Send("GET / HTTP/1.1" + Environment.NewLine +
                    "Host: www.google.com" + Environment.NewLine +
                    "Connection: close" + Environment.NewLine +
            case SocketState.Disconnected:
                this.Text = "Diconnected";
            case SocketState.Resolving:
                this.Text = "Resolving";