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  • Windows Vista - 64 bit in the Mainstream

    You're right actually I've checked it today and TV Tonic released the NBC Olympics 64 bit for Media center. I hope that will increase with more people having 64 bit OS in future.
  • Windows Vista - 64 bit in the Mainstream

    ENd of last year I built high end desktop and decided to have vista ultimate 64 on it. In start i not felt much issues cause i not have direct comparision to 32 bit vista. Now as i getting more familiar i feel my system performs slow compare to 32 bit vista OS. Boot time is also slower 64 bit.

    Apart from that i get issues with application compatibility on 64 bit. Just recently i really felt that i made mistake by having 64 bit when i found lot of media center plugins are not ready for 64 bit specially recently Tv Tonic have a NBC Olympics plugin for vista media center only for 32 bit. Few days back i was reading on channel 9 or channel 8 about Microsoft's new utility called steadystate. I was excited with its features and to my disappointment that too was only for 32 bit.

    So now after having 64 bit for more than 6 months i feel like only advantage i've got is having more than 3gb RAM.
     How can I expect 3rd party apps compatible with 64 bit when some of Microsoft's own apps are not ready for 64 bit.