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  • Microsoft Help Viewer - New Help System in Visual Studio 2010

    When I started using VS 2010 B2 and started using the "Help Viewer" (so-called), I thought I must have had something mis-configured. This can't be the real help system for VS 2010. Unfortunately, this Channel 9 video indicates it is.


    I'm still in shock to think this is what Microsoft intends to release w/VS 2010. This is garbage -- total, unbridled garbage, compared to what we had in VS 2008.


     I agree that an HTML-based "viewer" could be made functional with enough AJAX, but as it stands now, this "viewer" is unusable. I'll keep VS 2008 installed just for the better help system.


    I am so disappointed and I believe 99% of the other developer will be too. I just feel like uninstalling VS 2010 now. This is so diappointing.


    (As an aside, If Microsoft intends to go with a web-based approach to the Help System, I think they should go with HTML 5 rather than XHTML since no further work is being done on XHTML by W3C, as far as I know.)