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  • Abolade Gbadegesin: Inside Windows Phone "Mango"

    Best WP7 features:
    #1 Responsiveness
    #2 Removing headphone --> Music pauses
    #3 Metro design language

    Worst WP7 features:
    #1 Read mail, delete it --> Shows as unread in Outlook
    #2 Inability to hide Live contacts and feeds
    #3 Inability to sync text messages to Exchange

    WP7 already properly does show deleted mail in the appropriate Deleted Items folder. I use it everyday with Exchange Online and it works as expected. Perhaps you are using both WP7 and Outlook with some other obscure email server because itn Exchange it works for me as expected.

    If the IM came from Lync Server or Lync Online, it does archive it and this is not the same as IM with your wireless carrier account. Perhaps the latter will sync to the Windows Phone Live account.

  • Windows Phone 7 at CES 2011

    I think its about time Microsoft stops the ads with "the phone you can put away". Seriously? You run an ad just to show people put a phone away? Other mobile devices did not get there by showing how you can put their devices away. What about showing its capabilities, apps, features, new updates so people can see what they can do with it before they put it away or when they feel like being engaged. How about running ads with a little me time where the user delves into its capabilites, or simple ads like the iPhone's; a simple white background, two hands and a voice over demoing its features. There is no better effective and uncluttered way to show off a product when people really do not need to see anything else on the screen besides the product being advertised. God! Where did MS get this marketing team?

  • Windows Phone Application Life Cycle

    I'm unsure what planet you guys are from but I had no issue with the accents. Keep in mind that every single human being that can speak has an accent and yours may be as bad to anyone that is not of the same origin as you especially if you are so ignorant, as many people are, to think that everyone should speak US english which is the most ridiculous thing and sub-standard in my opinion. Open your mind or simply clear your gubs and gubs of ear wax and get a headphone, geez.

  • Silverlight Streaming to Portable Devices

    Jobs and his goons are not very smart businessmen, and that is why they can never progress beyond what they have. On the other hand, Micsoroft has completely embraced an open approach to software delivery, that is why they are bringing everything to everyone one every device because they know that as long as their technology lives within any device outside theirs, they stand to gain form it even if that person does not buy their device. Pretty soon, every cable box that ships will run Silverlight as they've demoed at MIX 2010, every car will run Windows voice command OS, every application you see will run Silverlight, or any MS technology as they continue to R&D into the future. Now if they can just port the Windows Phone 7 UI onto Windows 7 (or simply extend the metro UI form Windows Media Center on Windows 7) to deliver a Win7 tablet OS, that would be lovely.


    God forbid Apple runs the show, we would still be ages behind in computing. Great job, MS.

  • DIY Media Centers with Ceton Tuners

  • DIY Media Centers with Ceton Tuners


    [QUOTE] Looks like a good Apple TV alternative.


    I'd like to use the Ceton Tuner card on a new low profile HP or Dell PC.


    I'm thinking about this Dell Inspiron 580s system but concerned about PC fan noise in the living room.


    Any recommendations for a quiet low profile living room PC is appreciate[QUOTE]



    I really am not sure why anyone would even think to mention "AppleTV" or try to compare it to Windows Media Center. They are not in the same league at all, talk about zillions of light years apart. AppleTV does nothing that has to do with TV other than displaying irrelevant content I can as well do on any browser. People really need to think before they post messages. Windows Media Center is not an "alternative to AppleTV" it is the king of the living room when it comes to computer-based living room entertainment systems and this tuner just makes it more awesome. I have two tuners in my Windows media Center, now I can just remove them and put this in for even more capabilities and return one of my cable cards...nice.