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  • Seventeen Minutes With Bill

    I have an idea I would like to submit for IE 7. The concept is like comparing the hunt and peck method of typing vs. using all of your fingers to type.  Office 12 sounds very cool, I would like to see an extra utility in there for file sharing and video sharing management. Currently I run a video website, and I can tell the larger companies are doing their research on these types of sites based on the IP trails. It is just a matter of time until someone creates that killer app for video, I agree with Bill on that. 

    I would like to see windows media with clear embedded interface. People are embedding WMF into web pages, it would be easy to make a clear window skin to have more of a Macromedia Flash feel.  I would like to see MS come up with software to compete with Photoshop, Flash, and Dreamweaver. I think they could be further simplified to expand the market beyond tech types.

    Another request... Could you also make transcripts available for your videos online.

    Edit: finally last question i would ask, can i have a million dollars?

    I don't think anyone is going to give you a million dollars, but here are some things you can learn from his everyday example. Here are some observances.

    * Bill Gates took a big risk to start the company, why not take a big risk and start a software company, or buy a shirt business.

    * If someone gave someone else a million dollars, they would  probably not have the character to handle that amount of money, nor would they make any profit from it. The best thing about becoming a millionaire is not the money, but the person you can become as you get to that point. In fact, giving someone a million dollars will make them even lazier then they already are now.

    * Notice his time management skills. He doesn't waste his waste time. Don't waste energy on looking for something for nothing, spend it on starting your own company or working to save capital for your own company. Turn off the TV and read some self help books.

    * Even though Bill G. is has money now, he doesn't stop building the business, this come from his character being built over the years from the time he has spent on building the company. That is why Micrsoft is still alive and thriving today.


    The mindset of always looking for a handout is a cancer that corrupts the U.S.. People are so creative to find lawsuits today, and other "get rich quick" scams. If only they used that creativity to add to our society instead of taking from it.