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  • Michael Tsang - How does Tablet PC's digitizer work?

    Some Wacom pens will work with Tablet PCs, but not all of the older ones.
  • Michael Tsang - How does Tablet PC's digitizer work?

    androidi wrote:
    Is there any buttons in the pen, if not, is it possible to incorporate a "button" into a passive pen (no battery etc)? How's single click separated from double click and what about right clicks on the mouse, you have to push the pen twice against the screen or what? I'd imagine the pen could have a area which is pressure sensitive, functioning as a button.

    There are several functions that can be configured for the pen.  Holding the pen rather than tapping on a highlighted area will act as a right click as will a double tap.

    The button can also be configured to be used as right click, or several other commands.  Some pens have more than one button that are configurable as well.
  • Michael Tsang - How does Tablet PC's digitizer work?

    I'm curious if you've seen many (or any) failures of the digitizer during testing?

    Is the life expectancy of the digitizer less than other components?  Is this the most vulnerable part of a Tablet PC?

    These are questions I've been asked and don't have a good response.

    I'd like to add something to the FAQs I keep.

  • Peter Loforte - The Tablet PC has changed my life (in bed)

    I'm really pleased to see all this coverage for Tablet PCs.

    Thanks and keep it coming!!!

    Too many rumors are surfacing that have no basis in fact that the Tablets are doomed.