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  • Office Ribbon ​Customisati​on in Visual Studio 2008

    Very helpful video!

    When you change over to using the XML for the ribbon, custom images don't follow along. I understand that has to do with the way the information is stored. I added image information to my XML, but cannot get the icon to show up (I've tried with both a jpg and an ico file). I'm not sure if I need to write a callback or not, and haven't been able to figure out how to associate a callback with the button. Here is my XML. Note that I have tried naming the image with and without file extensions and also tried using a path. The image file is a resource in my project.

    <button id="ConvertToPDF" label="Convert To PDF" image="Icon1" size="large" showImage="true" onAction="ConvertToPDFClick"/>

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.