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testa testa

Niner since 2006

  • Mix06 Thailand Demo

    Hello dude

    Tomorrow i saw your movie and it`s looks like great!

    But, i havea little problem to fix!

    Where do you got the Microsoft Visual Studio`s plugins for create XAML web application.

    I try to building your project but i don`t have the feedback

    Please help me, i`m a microsoft student and i need to learn this new tecnology!


    Big Smile

  • Windows Presentation Foundation - Everywhere?


    I`m have a lot of difficult to learn and understand the web apllication xaml.

    if you have this video guide in html example for my personal study.

    I`ll really appreciate a lot!!

    My e-mail = fabiano@sqdcorp.com.br

    Thanks mate Smiley