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  • Nick Baker: XBox 360 Architecture


    Good interview, not extremely nitty gritty - but great none the less.

    I didn't hear this in the interview, maybe I missed it - but is Nick on the team for the next version or iteration of the XBOX (assuming that they have a team for this by now).

    If so, perhaps a great follow up interview would be to find out what kind of tech they are looking into for the next version.
    I know it would probably be a 1000 foot overview not wanting to give to much away - but I am sure it would be very interesting none the less.

    Again, assuming there will be another XBOX, I am curious if there will be a move back to Intel/AMD or if they will be sticking with the PowerPC.

    Tony Wissler

  • Popfly

    Great Video Rory-

    This looks awesome.

    Nice add in for Visual Studio for devs.
    Nice web interface for both devs and non-devs.

    Tools like these are going to bring even more and more people into development - this is going to be a great tech!

  • Jesse Lewin on knowing Steve Jobs, working at Apple, and posing with Bono

    Rory- good interview!

    I think it is very interesting to see and hear what people, especially those with backgrounds as varied as Jesse's, are doing at Microsoft...  makes me feel like I may have a shot after all someday.

    I may be in the minority, but I for one would like to see more videos on some of the others on the teams we know - whom come to Microsoft with these mixed and sometimes odd backgrounds.