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Game Developer for Sector13 (Space Shooter). Lead Designer of TagCMA (Collaborative 3D Modeling App).


  • Microsoft Robotics Studio

    I suppose I could see a hobbiest using robotics to feed and grow cells.

    Maybe when the vision SDK gets more advanced a robot could count cells and tell the difference between good cells and damaged cells...
  • Microsoft Robotics Studio

    Is anyone working this robotics technology in the biotechnology sector? There were 140 biotech companies around Lake Washington in 2000. I'm sure AmGen (the biggest biotech company last time I checked) would be interested in partnering with this kind of technology.
  • Douglas Engelbart - Inventing the Mouse

    Great discussion about Open Source at 22:13. I run an Open Source project myself. A blog too. These things don't make money. However, I think there are others out there that are compelled to evolve ideas as I am. This discussion touches on the fact that business stifles the evolution of software.