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  • Vista Users: How has stability been?

    I finally figured out my Vista Ultimate 64-bit networking issues.

    Apparently, the netgear app that manages network connections is bad. I disabled it and let Vista manage the network connections.

    And now I can remote desktop from afar into my Vista desktop.

    With the netgear software running, it was disabling the network connection.

    Quite handy when I'm 29 miles away and cannot access the box.

    So just as similar stories have cropped out that 20% of Vista issues were because of NVidia drivers, I'd say a big percentages of my issues were because of Netgear.

  • VS 2008 Start Options Bug

    I should add I'm using VS 2008 Team Suite Edition.

  • VS 2008 Start Options Bug

    RichardRudek wrote:
    have you tried escaping the '>' (stream redirection) character ?

    eg  ^>   or   %> 

    Both escaping methods show up as args as:

    "^>" "report.txt"


    "%>" "report.txt"

    I think there's a bug in VS 2008 that is treating arguments as parameters and not following the existing functionality of the previous version.

  • VS 2008 Start Options Bug

    In a VS C# 2008 project, I've found a problem with piping console output to a file.

    For example, in the project settings, debug tab, start options, and command line arguments:

    If I try to pipe to a file like this:

    ExamineSTPErrorLogs > report.txt

    which is something that worked in VS 2005, the "> report.txt" is showing as a parameter to the console application.

    But the expected behavior is that this should be piped to a file.

    If I would have used:

    ExamineSTPErrorLogs ">" report.txt

    I would expect ">" and "report" to be used as command line parameters.

    Is there some kind of hack so this can be made to work correctly?

    Otherwise I'll have to downgrade. Upmh!

  • i = 4, i++ + i should return 9, but returns 8

    Just use:


    i += i + 1;


  • Some people don't like TFS

    We've been using VS 2005 with TFS Explorer, which has been extremely buggy. We've recently upgraded to VS 2008, which TFS client is the best?

  • Some people don't like TFS

    Now I've had a few issues with TFS.

    1) My TFS client cache gets corrupted often.

    2) The GUI tools are buggy.

    3) The TFS client is buggy.

    4) I get an object reference not found dialog after a successful checkin.

    5) Supposedly there's a service pack out there fixing various issues, but heck if I know where it is.

    6) I haven't seen a TFS version update for a long time.

    Apparently there's a guy out there that hates TFS so much that he registered a domain for it.

  • Profilers

    I posted some discussion about profilers in the past:

  • No sound card but still had sound?

    Back in the Windows 3.1 days there was this driver floating around that could turn your PC speaker into a regular audio device. The sound quality wasn't great, but it was cool!

  • .NET 2.0 SP1 broke our app

    There are similar issues with SqlStatements in 2.0. While doing inserts .net is picky about quotes vs single quotes on insert statements.