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  • First Look: Streetside in Bing Maps

    I like it, especially the "virtual" birds eyed view when zoomed out more. Also the fly in transition to streetview is nice.


    BUT even just sitting there doing nothing it uses 30% CPU and when it transitions to something its up to 70+% and my fans spin up like crazy.


    Silverlight in general is very slow for me, I can't even watch any video in fullscreen because all I get is a slideshow. If only I could get it to work maybe i would even switch to bing maps.

  • Corrinne Yu: Principal Engine Architect, Halo Team Microsoft

    Really interesting interview, I agree.


    And talk about a dream-girl, smart and extremely beautiful (I don't think there is anythign wrong with stating someone is beautiful).

  • Duncan Lawler - Virtual Earth 3D: What. How. Why.

    It looks really cool, from the video and all and I'd love nothing more but to try it out.

    Except I can't use it.

    Doesnt work in FF...ok, it's activeX, fine (btw I thought this was being abonded?) I fire up IE and it tells me after downloading a setup.exe in IE installing that, then firing up FF and downloading a MSI that my locale is not supported? I'm using german XP SP2 here, but come on? Let me install the english version I don't mind, but at least let me bloddy install it. Show me a warning or something.

    Dissapointed not about the product but that I can't use it. It sure seems awesome....
  • Target Indy Race Team - Inside the technology of a race team (3 videos)

    I can confirm that, its 4:3 and not 16:9.......looks completely odd. Luckily zoom player allows you to manually switch aspect ratios regadless of what the video is encoded in. Wheres the feature in WMP btw?

    Another thing, you guys should really work on the encodings. Makes that hd camcorder kind of a waste, doesnt it? If you download some other stuff from the internet the quality is alot better at about the same bitrate. Channel9 vids just seem kinda blocky. I dont know. Are you using 2pass at all? Perhaps offer two versions for download. Hey, its HD, so allow me to download the vids in WMV HD 720p. Isnt microsoft in the business of trying to convince people that hdtv is totally worth it. Convince the geeks first by letting them watch fellow geeks show off code in might just be able to read it all, hehe.