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  • Using the Windows Runtime from C++

    But you know what's most bothering ? The everywhere present and misleading "written in C++". I'm sorry, this is not C++. I'm pretty sure it's not the C++ that you talk about in your books, Herb. So why these slogans everywhere ? Why not just come straight and just say "hey, if you want to write metro apps you have to use our contraption" ?

  • Using the Windows Runtime from C++

    I don't think C++ will die this easily. Not everyone is writing applications so that some lame hipsters can connect to twitter/facebook/insert_trendy_social_network_here and upload some crap pictures about their pathetic and worthless lives. Hell, even C is alive and doing well. On the other hand, it's kind of sad to see Herb introducing this ... I don't even know how to call it. The irony, though. A guy who's on the C++ standards board and is basically saying, "look, we've butchered C++ until we've turned it into a retarded brother of C#".