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  • Windows 8 Consumer Preview Demo

    @JulesK: While the Metro UI may be focused for touch devices, I've been using it quite a bit on the desktop, and it works great. For email, news, facebook/twitter, etc, the apps and integration are great, and make the websites I used to use for those tasks feel 'clunky'.

    Metro may be focused towards devices, but it's not awkward or in any way inconvenient to use on the desktop, by any means.

  • Windows 8 Consumer Preview Demo

    The retail name for Windows 8 should be Windows 11, because it's Windows turned up to 11.

    Been using W8 DP since the Build conference, and using the Consumer Preview now.

    The first beta I ran was Windows 2000 in the spring/summer of 1999 (downloaded over 2-3 days at 56k from a file sharing site). It was my favorite Windows release, (although I switched to XP and Vista when released, and also tried Linux of course, and even, yes, Mac), until W7, and now it's safely W8.

    Although XP was an "upgrade" for consumers of Windows 2000 (building on NT5), it took steps forward while also taking steps backwards. I felt Vista did the same. W7 was the first release since Windows 2000 that seemed to me to have full forward momentum.

    Now W8 is carrying that momentum forward again instead of dropping the ball, and the outcome is beautiful. From the Metro UI to WinRT to performance to stability, to the explorer ribbon/quick access toolbar, to user account / cloud integration, and on and on. It's just a spectacular release.

    I really can't get enough, just love W8. Kudos to the teams.