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  • Parallel Debugging in Visual Studio 2010 - MSDN mag companion

    Hey Daniel -- I have been watching all your parallel videos and wanted to personally thank you for taking the time to create all this quality content, very much appreciated -- the new parallel concepts and IDE support in particular are getting me very excited this end

  • UK Community: ​Developer​Developer Day

    I want to see more of Matt Duffin!

    That guy was smart, passionate and engaging

    As much as I hate to say this; a lot of English people talking tech seem to come across as uncharismatic on video (not talking about this one in particular) which is a shame. We really dropped the ball on this one compared to our American counterparts.

    Great to see more of these videos coming – we will get there!

  • Life and Times of Anders Hejlsberg

    Awesome video - I admire Anders immensely.

    I recognised Gregor Noriskin at the end with the great question about declarative/functional features creeping into C# and OOP just becoming a "feature" rather than the be-all and end-all. This is a fascinating time i.e. there is a lot of cross-pollination happening in the language space right now.

    If I'm honest though I don't like the format of these shows. Don't get me wrong; the content is first rate but I found the interviewer very irritating and the set/audience is not necessary at all.

    Tim Scarfe

  • Daniel Lehenbauer and Kurt Berglund: Interactive 2D controls on WPF 3D Surfaces

    wow Wink

  • Why Community Matters

    btw Charles; I spoke on WPF @ DDD3 (June) shame you didn't make it bro Wink
  • Why Community Matters

    hey great to see some UK guys on c9!

    I met Sarah some time back at a Girl Geek Dinner but I must admit I have been out of the community scene for a while. Time to get involved I think!

    That said; I may be at the Sharepoint user group shindig in London later Wink


  • Expression - Part Four: Web

    Great video!

    Couple of points:

    You edited a div using WYSIWYG and it updated a CSS declaration in a css file. Although cool; it seems error prone to me due to the complicated nature of CSS. My point is that the div could have a background based on a complicated "cascade" of rules i.e. 20 things could directly or indirectly reference it so what is EW supposed to update when you make the change from design view? Perhaps you standardised on some kind of 1-1 mapping?

    Another point was that in Sharepoint designer (this is the other half of the product split from frontpage); there is a very cool CSS feature that lets you identity the effective style applied to an element i.e. due to inherited, explicit and indirect rules. Do we get that here?

    Take care guys

    Tim Scarfe
  • Windows Presentation Foundation - Everywhere?

    Great video!

    Really excited about WPF/e

    • Why still no bits for WPF/e? I want them!
    • He mentioned that you can't access documents in other frames from JavaScript - this is only the case if they are on another domain..
    • The question about obfuscating your JS/.NET IL for WPE/e work - oh come on. Like you are going to have any trade secrets written in the presentation tier of a web app - byh virtue of the fact you are making it public people could simply look at it and go away and copy it anyway.
    • I loved his PR spin about how they have (basically) have[ed] no intention to make it available for Linux. I could care less anyway Wink
    • Will the ability to talk to the control from JavaScript be enabled by default in IE? i.e. this techhnology used to be called "LiveConnect" or something with Java back in the day no?
    • Will you have the ActiveX activation click for WPF/e apps i.e. because of the zolas eolas[ed] patent?
    • Roll on ASP.NET AJAX WPF/e extenders I say Wink
    • You talk about Firefox having a better debugger than IE? Last time I debugged my JS code with Visual Studio I knew I was in a better place than venkman..
    • You hosted the xaml using a script tag in the page, do you support src="" ?
    • Was interested to hear about your use of SCRUM for development process methodology - are there many teams in MSFT that use this?
    • When you were thinking of the new document format that uses Zip format (with another subset of XAML) - it was XPS!
    • On your stripped down version of the framework, how much of the BCL (and features of C#2.0 i.e. generics) is available? (Any C#3.0 features accessible?)

    Keep up the good work!

    Tim Scarfe (

  • Episode 2

    Liked this one, smart bunch of guys

    Damn Rory looks young in this ep no?
  • Episode 3

    I too want to raise my hand in support of this show - I thought it was a great episode and even though some of it is teaching us how to suck eggs; it really is critical stuff that every developer should know.

    Bravo for the style and presentation.
  • Looking at XNA - Part One

    "Q: Can I create non-gaming applications (such as a Media Center/Player) with XNA Game Studio Express?
    On Windows this is possible, but the initial release on Xbox 360 is tuned to writing games. This is an area we are actively looking to the community for feedback on the types of applications they want to write for their Xbox 360. "

    I found this in the FAQ but would still like some elaboration.

    Also they are discontinuing MDX so you would assume XNA is the "replacement" as they are talking about offering help for transition. I suspect they will have a rule that non-games or possibly even proprietary games (that can't be published through some public mechanism for IPR/privacy/confidentiality reason) are Windows-only.

  • Looking at XNA - Part One

    Hi Rory

    A critical question you didn't ask is about application development i.e. as opposed to game development.

    Imagine something like Ventuz ( running on XBox 360 or some other presentation/visualization software. Imagine data analysis/visualization applications.

    The key thing is that XBox hardware is pretty powerful and cheap as chips - not to mention portable too.

    I always got the impression they would be against LOB apps on the XBox because they lose money on every console sold, and have to recoup it in some way through channel sales and licensing agreements with the games vendors.

    Can someone elaborate on this please?


    Tim Scarfe