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I am a Calgary web designer as well as a trainer for Microsoft products. I'm not a code head programmer and jealous you guys are ;-)

I wish I could learn VB and so on, just need someone patient enough with me to make the light go on.

Other services I provide are computer maintenance and checkups and teach at various colleges here in Alberta, Canada. Also help students with notes from my website:


  • Business Intelligence in Excel 2007

    I'll play the resident village idiot part - where does one actually see how to create a Pivot Table in 2007?

    I've been reading a few blogs and so on and everyone starts with it already in view or somehow has Pivot Tables showing up on the ribbon.

    I can't see that on my beta version.

    Probably staring right at would think it would be either under Data or Review tabs.

    Is there a chance of downloading that Mountain Bike spreadsheet in the video to play with?


  • Iain McDonald and Andrew Mason show off the new Windows Server OS

    ...i am just a peon in the big world of computing, was just sharing my thoughts, akin to a root kit.

    Not worried about being dissed, as I said, just a voice in the wilderness.

    0.01% would make it even more a trophy



  • Jessica Arnold gives us a look at Outlook 2007

    Slick looking program!


    1.   Do you need the full Office suite to use the benefits like previewing PowerPoint slides or Excel spreadsheets sent as an attachement?

    (Seeing one can get PPT viewer and so on, would be a neat feature if this is built into Outlook without buying the program)

    2.  Do you need Office 2007 or can you still use Office XP say and buy Outlook 2007 seperately?

    3.  If yes, will you have two Outlooks on your machine (XP/2007)?


  • Windows Vista Sideshow

    something more to break on a laptop...

    Isn't this what smart phones are for?

  • Iain McDonald and Andrew Mason show off the new Windows Server OS

    Silly question.  Iain mentioned by removing the UI about 70% of the attack area is removed, doesn't say much for Windows, but that's a moot point.

    If the Server can be remotely administered (MMC snap in) won't attacks come from the remote machine, as in the 70% that was removed...

  • Iain McDonald and Andrew Mason show off the new Windows Server OS

    ...word to the wise for basic video/photography 101.

    NEVER snap or video a person in front of a bright object, like an outside widow - hard to see.

  • Steve Ballmer - Quick chat with Microsoft's CEO

    Wowza, I've never seen or heard Steve Ballmer in real life, and was taken a bit back by his energy.

    Talk about contrast to Bill Gates eh!


  • Seventeen Minutes With Bill

    Actually I thought the interview was a bit amateurish and made Bill Gates look bad. 

    The guy interviewing didn't seem like he was prepared and not really showing a lot of respect for the guy who runs the company.

    Even Bill Gates' hair is a mess and his pants makes him look like he's got a woodie.  Obviously his PR folks weren't around to make sure the bossman looked professional enough for a casual interview. 

    Or at least look at the camera eh, felt like I wasn't part of the interview...

  • Bill Gates: Answering Questions in India

    I have to agree with Arun, that for India to advance, her infrastructure has to be improved. 

    But I still thinks it depends on the mentality of the typical Indian.  Mentality meaning their outlook on life, the value of a person, and the value of life.

    For India to succeed, there needs to be a thriving middle class economy available also.  One thinks of India, they think abject poverty clashed against grotesque riches and wealth like some of  the shrines of gold to the 1,000+ gods.

    Where are the "joe indian" who drives a Buick or Chevrolet?  Either it's a moped or a Mercedes. 

    Once a healthy middle class exists, then you will see healthy development.

  • Bill Gates: Answering Questions in India

    Well to be truthful, this is the first time I've seen Bill Gates on video.  For a person who's got lots of money and fame, he seems to be a down to earth kind of fellow, which is a pleasant surprise.

    Even making a simple slip up like referring to the Bible (I think he was referring to the dead sea scrolls) in a heavily dominated country with thousands of religions was cute.

    India has great potential and I wish them best.  The one thing Bill Gates did leave out in what would help India become a better place to do business as an entrepreneur is drop the caste system and treat everyone the same, but granted this wasn't his place to do it.

    It was also a good answer that he hasn't forgotten his roots in "trying" C# or other programs to keep his edge.  Too many CEO's forget where they came from.

    This puts Microsoft in a better light with all the negative publicity they have been taking about being a monolith.

    I hope Vista does well, otherwise I'm afraid Apple will rule the roost.