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  • Drawbridge: A new form of ​virtualizat​ion for application sandboxing

    Am I correct in understanding that Drawbridge, or a evolution of it, is the enabling technology for Windows System for Linux?

  • C++: Conformance And Cross-​Platform Mobile Development

    Great news! :)

  • Surface Remix Project

    I would love to know when the Surface Pro 2 is going to be available for order in the UK!

  • Keynote: Herb Sutter - One C++

    @kikko: yes, it's going to be fascinating to see what SG13 produces. OpenFrameworks and Cinder  etc have long deserved more attention. Imagine how great it would be if in the future this kind of tech was 'in the box' with any Standards compliant C++ distribution. We might actually get to take advantage of our visually biased brains when writing C++ sketches, rather than languishing in the retro swamp of std::cin and std::cout.

  • Inheritance Is The Base Class of Evil

    , SeanParent wrote

    @sbehnke15: Recent code can be found here:

    This version is nearly identical to the code presented and much more recent than the code linked to by @jdkoftinoff.

    @vittorioromeo, I believe this also answers your question.

    Thank you for sharing this, are there any other public facing examples of your current coding style available? You don't perchance have a version of your personal 'coding guidelines' in text form you could share?

  • The Care and Feeding of C++’s Dragons

    I would love to know Chandler's recommendation for a 'Clang based' experimental sandpit. Even if it is Linux based. Any chance of getting a brief coding environment description from Chandler?

  • Bringing await to C++

    'wow wow wow' is entirely appropriate, at the moment you need to take a dependency on C# and interop to native which is obviously horrible ( all that extra machinery and runtime overhead ). Just hope there's going to be a Visual Studio 2014 so we can get await for C++ into production with a go-live licence as soon as possible. It's too yummy to keep in the labs.

    Then we need the ISO folks to include it in C++ 17.

  • Bjarne Stroustrup - The Essence of C++: With Examples in C++84, C++98, C++11, and C++14

    Awesome, here come the downloads! Smiley Its offline grokking time! Smiley

  • GoingNative 18: Inside Vector Calling Convention (VCC)

    I was hoping you folks would cover this! Next up what about digging deep into __async. In particular how can we hook into it for use in non Windows Store App contexts? I'd like to know if it will be possible to use __async over asynchronous classic COM interfaces. How as library developers to we hook in and make our existing continuation passing style libraries and APIs light up with __async?

    Also the shows have been getting shorter and shorter of late with each subsequent episode, hope that's because you're happily distracted getting ready for the Going Native 2013 Conference and not because you think there isn't any audience for this stuff.

    Oh, and how about a show covering the AST retrofit work going on the compiler to fully support constexpr etc? It be fascinating to hear how a venerable compiler is being updated. 

  • GoingNative 17: Meet James McNellis, Register for GoingNative 2013

    Way cool! James is in the house! Smiley Sounds like you folks are going to have a blast at Going Native 2013 with that stellar line up. I'll have to make do with the session videos when they're uploaded. It would be way cool if you could find some time to live tweet during the proceedings. What about some adhoc video interviews with attendees outside of the actual sessions?

  • Developer Keynote Updates

    @EricBattalio: Hi Eric, yes Herb's talk is excellent, I've watched it a couple of times now just to make sure I really grok the roadmap. It's cleared up all my Standard conformance questions, and while the 'out of order' delivery schedule (some bits of C++ 14 before other, more 'esoteric', bits of C++ 11) was initially surprising but now makes oodles of sense.

    The fact that MS is committed to full conformance to C++ 11 and C++ 14, including finishing those bits of C++ 98 conformance that are currently missing, is hugely positive and extremely encouraging.

  • GoingNative 17: Live from Build 2013, Future of VC++, Q&A

    Great panel Charles! Lets have a Going Native show, or perhaps an intra show segment that runs for a few episodes of GN that covers the work (and motivation) to add a AST to the C1XX front end compiler for C++. It was fascinating to hear Herb mention at BUILD that this was a relatively recent addition to the compilers implementation. Adding an AST at this stage in the game sounds like a complex and very likely insightful engineer journey.