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  • Spec​Explorer: Model-Based Testing made practicable

    Thanks guys for a great little tool. So glad that its not just for vs2010 Wink
    However, what happens about the saved test cases? What if you have a development team and you have just the one model and the team is working of different parts of it. Then what? If you are working in a Agile/TDD space how does the model grow. Is it kept in TFS or SVN for example. Who adds the the modle (the change control process, requirements gathering) how is change communicated? 
    Really love how it generates the new test cases. Love how you can zoom in and out of the congative detail of the spec focusing on 'My Area'. Would be nice to layer of abstraction to the 'Zoom Out'  so a white box becomes a black box. This is another interpretation of the state graph just being a 'black line' versa a box called 'the system'. So as you zoom into 'the system' parts of the whole become exposed, eg it has a 'login' part a 'bid' part and so on.
    This is what happens in nature you have pond water, then as you look closer bits are merky,  closer still you see there is life in there, still further insect larva and so on. This allows better comprehension of the whole without overload.

    For Spec Explorer it might rely on the stricture of underlying code that it is decomposed into cognative abstraction layers this might be less performance code wise (other than usual n-teir design).


    Again nice work guys.

    Doug, UK.