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  • Visual C++ 10: 10 is the new 6

    I was very excited to see the title of this video, but having watched it, the title seems very missleading.

    I use 2005 at work, but still do most of my home coding on vs6, the editor is better and "quick" macros are! Yes, the standard compliance of the compiler is practically non-existant, but I can write code for hours without once shouting at the editor to "speed up".

    The reason I like vs6 is that the IDE is so clean and fast and when I select c++ in the help, I get c++ not managed/c#. If I select full-screen, that is what i get. When I select "no" tool bars and put the menu bar on the right, I have practically the full height of the screen.

    I was really hoping that from the title that my first view of 2010 would get me very enthusiastic and a bit sad that until all the consoles update, I will be stuck with 2005.

    I agree with most of mwirth's points and in a similar vein, was hoping that the new MFC would be an easier to use/extend MFC, not more work for me and vista support in an office of 150+ XP machines.

    That seems quite negative doesn't it, it is probably just the ludite in me. The videos are a great idea.

    A couple of MSDN requests: please have sepparate c++ and managed c++ filters and please show both the correct include file and lib for each function/type.

    Thanks for listening,