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I am a software developer at Citrix Systems in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Citrix creates virtualization software that allows employees to get access to their business critical applications from any device, over any network. Citrix products also includes the award winning Access Gateway SSL VPN.


  • Programming the Windows 7 Taskbar – Using the Taskbar Button Overlay Icons and Progress Bars

    Great video!


    Sasha, Yochay: Are there Get equivalents of the SetOverlayIcon, SetProgressValue and SetProgressState?



  • Florence Hu-Aubigny: Dassault Systemes and ​Democratizi​ng 3D

    Traditionally the Citrix ICA protocol is well-known for its non-chattiness. But you are right, the WAN environment on which the entire system was deployed posed quite a few challenges related to latency.

    Since latency is something that one cannot avoid, we optmized performance in other ways such as using standard but efficient compression techniques in rendering frames. Plus using hardware graphics acceleration helps produce and subsequently pump more frames out to the client workstation than traditional software rendering.

    Using a Citrix solution to deploy such an application not only solves the problems related to versioning that you describe, but also helps secure IP (Intellectual Property) - the part designs can be kept on the central server and do not have to be copied over to each client workstation. Quite a few companies (not sure about Boeing) are required to comply to this according to US Law. 
  • Florence Hu-Aubigny: Dassault Systemes and ​Democratizi​ng 3D

    Very interesting video. Florence mentioned about Boeing using Dassault's CATIA for building the latest 787 aircraft. Building the 787 is a massive collaborative effort for Boeing- aircraft design engineeers work on designing aircraft parts from multiple geographical locations like US, Japan, Russia and Italy (to name a few). My company, Citrix, worked closely with Boeing to provide a "vitrual team workspace" to run CATIA software deployed on Citrix Presentaion Servers enhanced with 3D graphics acceleration technologies. The project was codenamed "Pictor" in Citrix. I am very proud to have been part of that project here.
  • Windows Vista Remote Assistance: Under the Hood

    Great stuff. I work for Citrix and we have a similar product called GotoAssist (and GotoMeeting), this is a paid service. It's quite awesome. Now is there any way in RA to

    1. Give mouse and keyboard control to the RA Expert?

    2. Record a conversation?



  • VC++ 2005: IDE Tips and Tricks

    Good talk. I still though a straight answer wasn't given by the speaker to Charles' question about whether a single member in a class can be managed (whereas everything else in the class is unmanaged). What's the answer? Is it possible or not?
  • What's Microsoft Speech Server (Beta)?

    Great stuff. Somewhat naive when Mithun Dhar said "Now you have intellisense" (when it took him to the skeletal callback function in Visual Studio .NET)
  • New Role for Bill in July 2008

    For the richest man in the world to give up a very influential position and concentrate on some of the basic aspects of humanity like education and health care is phenomenal. Bill will no doubt be a very influential figure in the world of charity, and I personally feel that with this announcement, humankind has actually gained a lot more that what Microsoft may have lost. 

  • InfoCard - Deep Architecture

    Nigel seems to always ask the right questions, when he realizes that the ones who are talking are going too deep without giving a higher level picture first. I have also noticed this in the previous video on InfoCard.
  • Tad Brockway - Terminal Services team tour

    I noticed some new security settings in the RDP client to use SSL. It would be great if we get to see a video about some of the new security enhancements in the Terminal Services space and RDP 6.0. I somehow feel for the importance, popularity and prevalence of RDP is not adequately reflected in Channel 9. There are only 1-2 videos on RDP/TS!