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  • Steve Teixeira and Bill Dunlap: Visual C++ Today and Tomorrow

    I don't know.

    TR1 was finalized in 2005. When exactly was this video shot? How do you innovate about standards compliance?

    I am by the way finally quite happy about the level of (C++98) compliance with VS2005. It was a giant leap forward, so I'm really glad to hear that we're not heading back to the bad old days of having to dumb down your programs for VC interoperability when the new standard(s) come(s) into effect.

    Other than that I am really quite disappointed that C++ will continue to be a 2nd class citizen in VS "Orcas", but on the other hand it's nice to know that the whole toolset is being rethought.
    Even with the single digit MLOC that I come into contact with, really simple stuff like being able to propagate changes to a class or member name in most cases would have been a big help, but hey, sed is great for metametaprogramming.