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  • First Look: Windows Phone 7 Series Hands on Demo

    P.S. dont think i'm a Iphone fanboy, or android fanboy.. I am actually quite a strong Microsoft technology pusher. Heck some of my collegues would say I push Microsoft products to much.. I have been in the Microsoft space providing solutions with Microsoft products for approx 15 years..  however I see this as a big failure.. and that would be disapointing because this is the last chance Microsoft has in this space..  With previous mobile OS's it left them on the backburner for too long.. and whilst it was at the top of technology (possibly prematurely), rather then using that (being at the top) to Microsofts advantage, it just "parked" the concept.. until all its competitors not only equalled but now even beat Microsoft. Releasing what I see here to the market, that many people have been waiting for many many months, what be a big disapointment. You might get the marketing sheep buy a few units because its new.. and thats about it..


    Just ask yourselves this.. How will this phone outshine the others, whats the differentiating factor?  Organising the data slighly different (some may say better, some will say worse) is not what I would class as a differentiating factor.. It doesnt do anything extra.. actually does a lot less.. why would someone bother chnaging from say an Iphone4 to it?

  • First Look: Windows Phone 7 Series Hands on Demo

    Guys, if I wanted an I phone, I would buy an Iphone.. You are doing an 180' turn.. trying to loose your current customer base? in order to maybe swipe some from the iphone base.. First tip.. come up with a concept.. then stick to it.. not 1 year we have a business phone that is fully customisable.. next year we have a teenage party bopper phone that you can hmm hmm change the color of the tiles on..  I was/am waiting.. waiting for the next win7.. and frankly am kinda deflated.  Rather then being market leader, I see win7 as playing catchup with the competition..  I'm a technical consultant.. when people see my phone at woirk, I do not want my drunk party pictures coming from my personal social sites.. how proffesional. Shouldn't I the owner decide what and when gets uploaded and available on my phone?  Not one of the many windows phones I owned had a nice day to day phone GUI.. but thats what made windows phone great, because companies such as htc could change them.. Window7 phones have now got this great concept that think that every person, from a 15 year old princess to a 55 year old CIO will all like exactly the same GUI????????????? Are you guys serious?  Honestly if this is what Microsoft has to offer.. good luck.. your definetly going to need it.. And i really did not want to touch an android phone.. but if this is what i have been waiting months for.. then i might as well stop waiting and jump ship.  I wownt even go into the development of apps, where it seems many people and companies that made winmo6.x apps, can chuck them in the bin.. then have to pay an extra $150 to be able to get into winmo7 market.. on top of what they allready paid microsoft for the VS, etc. I really see great incentive there..