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Turrican turrican Nothing is ​forever. -​ Art Bell
  • So long and thanks for all the fish

    Channel 9 is one of the worst forums I ever been a part of. The level of knowledge is so low and I mean so really low that it's just silly for people like me to hang around here. Sure, maybe 2-3 people here know something about programming something something somewhat something from time to time but the overall knowledge level is really laughable.

    What interesting is that during all these years, the knowledge level has not really increased.

    I ask how to backup a Hyper-V and get the answer if you need a backup, you are doing it wrong...


    "What's RDP, sorry too lazy to Bing or read the wiki." <---- That sais it all.

    So long and thanks for all the fish.

  • IE "Clear"Type lolz

    @magicalclick: What the heck are you talking about? Using web over RDP is stupid? I suppose this shows the level of "knowledge" in Channel 9 these days. *lol* Ever heard of virtualization or a virtual desktop?

    Wow, just wow. 

  • Backing up and updating ( "Windows Update" ) Hyper-V

    Regarding the number 1 issue, what you mean is I should put the stuff on a SAN in case the server dies, I just reinstall another Hyper-V hypvervisor server and attach to it?

    About number 2, I'm not sure if I got it. Can I remote into the Hyper-V hypervisor? I didn't think it had any kinds of RDP? or do you mean I can connect to it by PowerShell?


  • Channel 9 goes to Hollywood, stop the madness

    ,ScanIAm wrote

    Hmmmm...your avatar seems to be dominated by the colors....Teal and Orange.

    Since when is navy blue considered teal?

    ps. I know what you tried to do, trying to finding an irony and being smug and all that... but you should atleast put some effort into it. Not puke incorrect factualities.

  • Channel 9 goes to Hollywood, stop the madness

    Read this first : http://theabyssgazes.blogspot.com/2010/03/teal-and-orange-hollywood-please-stop.html

    ...Channel 9's theme is not about art, not about the looks... it was an order... I'm telling you... someone gave an order to do this and you all eat it lock, stock and barrel without giving it a thought.

    I miss the old "original" Channel 9 theme... I'm sure deep down inside, you do too.

  • Live ID vs "Classic" login

    No one gives a flying frell about me... just one little user in the cyberspace... but I tell you one thing... the second the "classic" login dies... I'm out of here for good.

    Not because the Live ID is hard to get or a hassle... but because that is connected to a ton of other CRAP I don't give a flying frell about and don't want.

    I just wanted teh forums... not damnation to hell.

    I'm sure you get my point. 

  • Are IT departments always a 6th leg?

    It's ALL about the money. "We just want a website"... "We just want Intarnetz"... IT doesn't bring the cash... just fix it and go away in your dark room.

    The reason is simple... the leader staff are clueless and don't give a frell.

  • IE "Clear"Type lolz

    Don't these idiots running around in IE team actually test the IE? I mean, do they even use it? The IE font smoothing is a cluster f*** if you use RDP.

    I mean seriously, I even LIKE the ClearType but can NOT use IE AT ALL via RDP.

    If I turn off the font smoothing when connecting to RDP... the IE damn better respect that setting as well.

    Whoever made this decision, one or 20000 people... they ALL should be fired. YES, they all should be fired.

    IE feels like I'm buying a crappy sausage from a street corner... zero quality check.

    I used to absolutely love IE... the IE team FORCED me to use Opera. I didn't go to Opera by choice.

    ...and don't try to defend the IE team, sure they bring all sorts of bells and whistles, oooh look, I can haz 1000 fishes in my bowl... how about you get the freaking basics right first... we'll talk about the fish bowl after that.

  • Backing up and updating ( "Windows Update" ) Hyper-V

    I can't find any information on this anywhere and frankly doubt that anyone here knows it but here goes... I wonder...

    1. Is it possible to backup the Hyper-V? Not the machines running inside it but the hypervisor itself? ( Not talking about Win2k8R2+Hyper-V but the Hyper-V "standalone" server )
    2. If I install the "standalone" Hyper-V server on a machine which is say at an ISP. How do I update this thing? Do I have to go there physically? ( Again, not talking about Win2k8R2+Hyper-V but the Hyper-V "standalone" server )

    I know that you can "manage" it by connecting to it from a remote PC via the Hyper-V manager thingy but that doesn't offer any kind of backup nor updating it. o.O

  • Is it just me or are they killing the "Personal Computer"?

    , Minh wrote

    @turrican: What's your point? And glad I could help out

    Shows what you know... in 40 yrs we'll all have PCs implated in our brains