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  • Jason Anderson - Late night with the Burton team (Visual Studio Team System), Part I

    yeah, sure - 10.000 tests.

    if visual studio was usable with 10.000 files in 25 projects that would be great.

    which it is not.

    do i really want to add 10.000 test cases to that?

    quite frankly, i don't.

    i'm happy if it doesn't crash on my team with funny '?' exceptions every day...

    maybe the 'team system' really is a great thing - but until the studio isn't much more stable than it is today, i'm certainly not going to move any more jobs/projects to it. and certainly not 10 thousands of it.

    thomas woelfer
  • Kam Vedbrat - Is there one thing in Longhorn that really excite you?

    The Channel 9 Team wrote:

    If you've been playing with the recently-released developer preview build of Longhorn, what excites you the most? What frustrates you the most?

    well, i simply can't work with it on my spare machine (which is only 2 years old). it simply can't handle longhorn - maybe there's not enough ram: whatever i do, the disk keeps trashing which makes trying out even the simplest thing really really hard.

    seems i simply don't have a machine with sufficient power to run longhorn in any useful way.