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ubercoder ubercoder Hakuna Matata
  • Tackling ORM: Save my fingers!

    irascian wrote:
    ?You say you're "in the process" but in the next sentence make it clear you've already made up your mind and that everyone else should follow?!

    What are the other products you're evaluating? What are their relative weaknesses and strengths? And why do you think EntitySpaces is the obvious front-runner?

    I tried dOOdas, EntitySpaces, SubSonic and LLBLGen.

    I read a lot about CLSA.Net; is great but too heavy. I prefer a van from a truck and CLSA.Net is a Kenworth.

    dOOdas is very simple and lacks features but it has zero learning curve.

    SubSonic has a lot of features but the documentation is minimal (open source?). I had some problems running the trial with a database in AppData so I moved on.

    I like EntitySpaces because it has plenty of features but small learning curve. I love their scaffolding. Great documentation and forums. Good in both ASP.Net and win forms.

    Although I played with EntitySpaces in code I'm reading the LLBLGen documentation right now.It looks good so far but has a higher learning curve than EntitySpaces and is more complex.
    I like their built-in validation.

    I made my decision of using EntitySpaces in a small Win forms app but I may consider trying LLBLGen for an e-commerse site I'm building.


  • Tackling ORM: Save my fingers!

    What you need is EntitySpaces.

    It uses MyGenerationSoftware (free) code generator and creates a whole DAL for you from CRUD stored procedures to custom classes ready for databinding and any other use.

    I'm in the process of evaluating different solutions and I believe EntitySpaces is the right one. Is only $149 for a single lisence.

    LLBLGen is too complicated I believe; I need something simpler.


  • NetTiers, Subsonic, DLINQ, CSLA, NHibernate etc etc ... which one?

    What about EntitySpaces?

    I'm using the trial and so far it looks good.

    Any good/bad experiences?


  • Best Free RSS Feed Reader?

    The feature I liked the most in Onfolio is the "Reading List" where you select articles for a later reading.
    After you read the article you just remove it from the list.

    Is that supported in sharpreader?

  • Best Free RSS Feed Reader?

    Nobody reads RSS in this forum?

    I know Channel9 is good but....8-)

  • Best Free RSS Feed Reader?

    Copy from that post:

    "Anyone wanna gimme a windows mobile phone for me to try it on? Smiley"

  • Best Free RSS Feed Reader?

    Hi guys,

    Since Onfolio keeps crashing my IE 7, I'm in the search for a similar RSS Feed Reader.

    I love Onfolio because is simple and has enought good features but is unusable after 3-4 minutes of use, popping a "Buffer Overflow" message (actually my antivirus does).

    Any suggestions?

  • Lightweight CMS (possibly ASP.NET 2.0)


    I'm not talking about "collapsing the sidebars". This is too primitive.

    There are cases where you want to keep the user in the same page, like a search. Instead of redirecting the user from search results to other pages to do his work, you can show/hide page sections. It helps the user's workflow.

    You can show/hide sections based on server-side processing and the app must decide which section to be shown or hidden. Still is done with javascript but from server side code.

  • Lightweight CMS (possibly ASP.NET 2.0)

    W3bbo wrote:
    ... (there is no need to collapse page sections, even less need to do it through postback...

    I can't disagree enought with this statement...

  • Bloggers ....

    I believe the problem with blogging is that some bloggers are professionals. They do this for a living.

    Blogging is all about freedom of speech(writing?) and democracy.
    How much of that a hired blogger can have.

    Nowadays, people are hired to blog about products, services, companies, etc.
    I believe the fact that someone must be productive affects his ability to be honest and democratic.

    Is another example where a natural product of the Internet is commercialized.