First of all, great video,easy to follow, but something didn't work out for me:  everything works fine until I get to the Edit part.  

*Note: I'm adapting your version to a school project, so I'm translating everything to C# and replacing Author with Players (database,names, etc.)

*Note2: I'm pretty much a newbie


When I'm writing the PlayersTA.Update part, it expects 7 arguments (my Players table has 7 fields), but when I run the code, click Edit, change a value, then click update, I get this message:  

"ObjectDataSource 'PlayersDataSource' could not find a non-generic method 'UpdatePlayers' that has parameters: FirstName, Number, Description, BirthDate, LastName, Picture, Original_ID, ID."


I'm not quite sure what the Original_ID field is, because the table doesn't contain it. If I try to write the Update code with 8 arguments, I can't even build it, because it says: No overload for method 'Update' takes '8' arguments.


I also noticed that you have two au_id arguments in your code, but don't explain it. 


I guess that the solution is quite simple, and maybe I gave you too many details, but I wanted to make sure that everything is clear Smiley


Thanks in advance,