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  • Conversation with Soma: Orcas Beta 1 and Beyond

    Great Video! Are there any enhancements to Smart Clients / Click Once? One of the things I wish gets added is forms based authentication for click once apps i.e. if I launch a click once app from an already authenticated ASP.NET page, it should work fine, else should give an appropriate error.


  • Real World WPF : Designers and Developers working together?!

    Nice video. Where can I find that wallpaper?
  • Channel9 Version 4: 3 Minutes with the dev team

    Got it. The aspx engine automatically goes back to the VPP for the .aspx.cs file as well.

  • Channel9 Version 4: 3 Minutes with the dev team

    Thanks Guys,

    That really sounds interesting. That is exactly what I was doing. Thinking in terms of html instead of controls and aspx/master pages. I am going to try it out, but the immediate question that comes to my mind is, if I put the code of my .aspx page in the database and return the contents of the .aspx page through my VPP, how will it get the CodeFile (.aspx.cs) file?

    So to summarize:
    I am going to use regexes to identify which page I need to return, then in the Open method of my virtual file class I am going to add any querystring information into the current HttpContext. Next I am going to fetch the .aspx page from the database or where-ever and simply return it. The aspx engine will automatically take care of the actual rendering / processing of the data.

    Thanks for all the help,

  • Channel9 Version 4: 3 Minutes with the dev team

    Channel 9 team,
    Would you share with us how you are getting rid of the ViewState? Is this more like Channel 10 where you render controls through WebServices?

    I recently started working on VirtualPathProvider (VPP) and am trying to get my head around it. I saw the old channel 9 video in which you guys discussed VPP. Can someone tell me if I am on the right path. I am creating a simple blog engine just to figure out VPP. Here's what I have done so far.

    BlogPathProvider.cs extends VirtualPathProvider, in the GetFile method I have a bunch of regular expression patterns that I match against path parameter of the GetFile method. If I find a match I return a new VirtualBlogFile (my custom class) to which I pass the pattern and the screen type (this is figured out based on the pattern that matched).

    VirtualBlogFile.cs extends VirtualFile, in the Open method I identify which screen the user has requested based on the pattern and return a MemoryStream containing the html for that screen.

    The returning of the html is what I am not able to figure out. Do I create a custom control and use control.RenderControl(...)? What was Duncan talking about when he said you can pull aspx and master pages from the database?

    Thanks a lot,