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  • Concurrency and Coordination Runtime

    Is there a place we can now get the CCR?  I'm really wanting to get my hands on this for my current project.
  • Concurrency and Coordination Runtime

    I have to admit this looks amazing and is exactly what we need on my current project.  I currently have a distributed server system that accesses data locally and on other machines, but I'm having difficulty adding parallelism to the system.  I believe this would allow me to easily add this if I can massage the dispatcher to not only load balance across processors but across machines.  

    Georgio do you see this as being already built in or at least a workable implementation on my part?  I already have a running system (in .net 2.0) capable of handling thousands of requests a second, and I believe I can easily shoehorn this into it.  We are still months away from going live so hopefully the timing will be workable on my part to use this.