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veeru veeru VSQL

Niner since 2004

Hi Everybody,...

I am veer from India..part and parcel of MS User groups India....
I ama SQL DBA but with great interest in DOT NET technologies...

Also Currently blogginmg at lots of sites...

I am watching YUKON with Binocs and Ultra Microscope..Any one interested in these synthesis can be of gr8 help
  • Vinod M Kumar (MVP) - Talking about SQL Server

    Thanks Vinod the COmmentary was excellent just liked the way you explained the things...

    We leverage the CLR environmennt of SQL 2005 from the developers perspective to the best But often one thing hits my thought

    From the administrative perspective what is that a SQL DBA of SQl 2000 need to optimise on SQL 2005 that makes it a rocket fuel running  Database particularly w.r.t CLR environment?

    Is it an Extra load on DBA or is it that his JOb Profile has reduced Smiley:)Smiley???

  • Mythreyee Ganapathy - The challenge for Microsoft India: getting good talent

    Well the discussion is hot and valid.MS may recruit the right person and get it from the right college But what lies ahead is a big mystery...

    Is their a way or management cycle that garnishes the persons into a specific domain/service/Development spheres ... particularly based on the inclination fo the person emplyed..

    In my view I found lots of right people at wrong places and vice versa ..You can't expect a geek or a genious to reply to the emails from business just because by flaw or luck he/she made into a wrong project.

    Skill set definition of the project is often flawed..this I am commenting on my personal experiencenot just in MS but in MNCs ..we recruit based on perceptions in INDIA ..the recruitment management is very raw and full of flaws.

    It has come out of age ..if Indian techies have to survive..most of it depends on the bg techy Companies..

    I can contest the idea that we have good and best brains in TOP SHOT colleges only..when we can MVP in Siliguri and a MS community stars in Coimbatore ..Bg guns like MS needs to realise that the SUN NEVER SETS IN INDIAN TECH WORLD..There is no dearth of passion,people and panaroma in IT if we have proper glasses on.
  • Gaurav Khanna - What is Rotor?

    ROTOR is really rotating me...for lesser mortals what can it mean as a education tool...We are focussing on CLR,MONAD,MONO,LINUX ..adn JAVA is geting out of race..But the mushroom growth of all these technologies are sometimes creating more confusion for learners like me at times...Just a passing  thought...

    Finally I was wondering if I Can I have some links to ROTOR Souce Code and few additional Docs related to it.. 

  • Tameem Ansari - What does being an MVP in India mean?

    Tameem U inspire us all as always

    Some how we are moving ahead in the Message Board...
    The Channl9 will one day the future of all Egroups.
    Day is not far when we can have  monthly MUGH Meeting on Chanel9
  • The 9 Guys - Who We Are

    hey guys Something exciting and new...

    There is a nice series of Adds going on india on pepsi on 5 ....

    Mahabartha (An indian Epic) talks about Five Padvas a lot...

    So I think you 5 gonna write new Epic for teh whole Tech world

    We all will rock together....