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Vesuvius vesuvius Count Orlock
  • Absolute Beginners is not for Absolute Beginners. Rename it ​appropriate​ly

    @Jockey4her: Hey, sorry to hear you have been having a hard time. If you need to find out about the basics of C#, there are tutorials available at https://channel9.msdn.com/Series/C-Sharp-Fundamentals-Development-for-Absolute-Beginners

    You may then be better placed to develop for Win10 through these tutorials

  • Outlook 2016 - Still not able to render HTML emails

    @ZippyV: Obviously you are not using Office 365, I have both thick client and use the browser to view documents at work (we don't have an exchange server anymore) we are BYOD so people access their Office documents on any device.

    Given the way the world is moving, their focus is on Office 365, and making sure that they win new iOS and Android users. I can think of a few times it would have been nice to have this support, but generally most businesses have found alternatives, and Microsoft's eggs are in developing cross platform. 

  • Apple Car

    No, it isn't April the first, would you buy one? I struggle to get Google maps to work accurately in cities when walking, so driverless cars are at least ten years away, if not twenty.

  • Office 365 Outlook  - Clutter

    , ClamBake wrote

      If I do not want this "feature" then there should be a permanent solution and it should be an opt-in by default.  Just hiding and/or disabling it also is only adding to the problem. 

    On my phone Facebook decided that they would not let me read a message until I installed their messenger client. I can scarcely believe what software companies are doing to their end users now. 

    Whenever I have met Microsoft enthusiasts, be that developers or enthusiasts, I have always been struck by the overwhelming loyalty they display, even more than Apple users that people tend to think as the most devoted

  • Could you code like this?

    @TheTraveler: That is the difference between Windows Forms in 2005 and Visual Studio 6

    If you ever tried to create a MFC app, the amount of complex boilerplate code that was included made you feel stupid and question why you choose to program. It is the sole reason that .NET as a framework is so popular

  • Trump card or what?

    So, it's that time again, seems like Donald Trump is making all the headlines here, he has been quite controversial thus far.

    Are Donald and Hillary going to be also ran's, is there a chance that the Republicans will win? I can scarcely believe what has happened here with a Conservative government talking austerity for the last 5 years managing to win outright and the liberal party being all but wiped out.

    What are things like, is there a chance Joe Biden might run and win? 

  • Microsoft releases the Windows 10 UI you've always wanted -- and you can't have it!

    , magicalclick wrote

    Not the other way around.

    The charms bar was a complete and utter mistake. On a macbook you have a notification panel that pops out the same way the charms bar did, but closing a window is on the other side so that works, in desktop mode on Win 8 you constantly activated it by mistake when wanting to close a window. NB: but you love Metro so never encountered this issue.

    The Charms bar is Win 8 desktop mode is indefensible, it was as pleasant to work with as a pile of horse manure (if you only used the desktop).

  • I'm not happy with Windows 10 (details inside) - am I missing something?

    I agree with this, although they pushed Windows 10 out so fast that even fairly simple things like colored title bars and full-screen Edge didn't exist on 7/29.  So I'm not the least bit surprised that theming isn't built in either, it's certainly pretty far down the list compared with actual issues that need to be addressed.

    I am tired of issues that need to be addressed. The real truth is the company has changed direction and how it used to deliver software. I cannot think of a single product that I have become attached to since Windows 7 and Visual Studio 2010. C# continues to be ace to use, that isn't agile. Even Sql Server Management Studio 2014 feels terrible to use.

  • Universal Windows App Programming -- not all it's cracked up to be.

    , Bas wrote


    It is also known as The Greatest Thing Ever.


  • Recommendat​ions for good AV/AS

    @spivonious: I wish I knew sooner. Doctor Who's question is addressed then, you are already running a pretty good malware and anti-virus solution.

    With Microsoft Azure, Skydive and all the cloud based services, security is paramount at Microsoft, I would recommend Defender.

    Not running your computer as administrator (I tend to use a standard account) negates exposure to most viruses anyway, my computers last got "taken over" by malware ten years ago using XP. Most security threats are weak passwords, key loggers, and people using open wifi, XSS etc.