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Vesuvius vesuvius Count Orlock
  • Recommendat​ions for good AV/AS

    @spivonious: I wish I knew sooner. Doctor Who's question is addressed then, you are already running a pretty good malware and anti-virus solution.

    With Microsoft Azure, Skydive and all the cloud based services, security is paramount at Microsoft, I would recommend Defender.

    Not running your computer as administrator (I tend to use a standard account) negates exposure to most viruses anyway, my computers last got "taken over" by malware ten years ago using XP. Most security threats are weak passwords, key loggers, and people using open wifi, XSS etc.

  • Recommendat​ions for good AV/AS

    @spivonious: In Windows 10 they merged Windows Defender (which was only an anti-spyware program) with Security essentials (anti-virus) so you don't need the two separate installations. It never made sense to me but they were probably trying not to irrigate the seeds of litigation from their partners like Symantec/Kaspersky etc

  • Recommendat​ions for good AV/AS

    Viruses and Windows machines being trashed is the single reason why Windows gets bad press from friends and family who do not realise that Microsoft Security Essentials was released some time ago. A taxi driver recently told a while back that he moved to a mac because he does not have to install anti-virus.

    The future of Windows and Microsoft is going to rely heavily on Security, Microsoft are not messing around, so I would choose them over any third party software.

    How to enable and use the built in Windows Defender for Antivirus Protection in Windows

    Windows 10 will require that you have a version of your Antivirus that is designed for Windows 10. It is recommended that you uninstall your current Antivirus before intiating the upgrade. If you have a subscription that has not expired, contact the developer to find out about Windows 10 support. Most Antivirus utilities should be upgraded by the time Windows 10 launches. If your subscription is still active, then you should be entitled to a compatible update for Windows 10. If your current Antivirus is incompatible with Windows 10 or you do not plan to renew your subscription, you can use the built in Windows Defender as an alternative. Lets take a quick look at enabling and updating Windows Defender.

    Microsoft have to choose their words carefully, because of anti-competition, but if I were you, I would install Microsoft security essentials on machines prior to Windows 10, and Windows defender and be done with it!


  • Working with ADO.NET, Entity Framework, Linq to whatever ...

    @StevenDerveaux: It depends on the team and their skill set. Some of the more experienced developers write SPROCS quite quickly.

    The main reason developers like EF in my opinion (especially code first) is that several developers can work on the same entities unlike using an ORM e.g. LinqToSQL or the entity framework model without clashing, and having merge nightmares. It also fits Agile development methodologies quite well, as in a lot of companies where the database is controlled, you can sidestep having to appease the DBA's.

    This far, I am seeing way too much flexibility in how developers create their own helper classes for persistence that end up performing very poorly when a lot of code has been written, and generally a task no-one wants to take on to try and improve performance, and everyone then complains that EF is slow. I think EF code can run quickly, but most people don't know how to make it run fast, or think they know best.

    It is a very big responsibility to manage data persistence.


  • using a Win8 restore DVD on a Win10 upgraded laptop after 1 year?

    , dentaku wrote

    Well, that's kind of what I was expecting.
    I guess we'll see in a year when people start testing it out.


    They have since clarified that business will still have to pay. If by going by the speculation in another thread that Microsoft are forcing updates on Windows Home users as the benefits far outweigh the negative publicity, maybe they will just ignore those that need to reinstall their OS and find themselves having to pay for an upgrade. I think the key will be the price, probably $65/£60, dressed as a small price to pay.

    Microsoft are full of surprises and nothing else of late.

  • Problem with XAML designer in Visual Studio 2015

    , Arun‚ÄčKumar1993 wrote

    @Jim Young:Thank u so much sir. I hope that bug is fixed soon.

    I would watch out for bug fix releases for Visual Studio, this is unlikely to go on too long without being addressed, not critical, but not far off.

  • Which project type to use for a new website?

    , rogersb wrote

    Making a website to have many users, both a public and private area with the login, store and access documents over sql database, interface to excel and word and pdf docs

    Question is which TYPE of project is best?  MVC or Forms or ?

    I have more experience with the .net forms world; this website will need strong authentication and have many different kinds of features added in.  Am using VS2013 ultimate




    Sounds like you are supporting mainly desktop users so Webforms is acceptable and likely to result in far quicker delivery.

    If you need to target BYOD then MVC is  a no brainer, it does take a lot of time and testing to get a MVC web app written, i.e. learning JQuery/Bootstrap etc but you will end up with a far much more maintainable codebase.

    I am writing my fifth or sixth commercial MVC app, and think the forms over data capabilities in the inbuilt templates are some of the best to ever have left 1 Microsoft Way

  • More Edge annoyances

    Even if Edge reaches Parity with Chrome (which I have installed less than a handful of times) the real issue is that most people associate Windows and Internet browsers with work, so when it comes to buying a phone or using a web browser, the last thing you want to do is use the same browser that you were filling in orders for from an urgent delivery from Germany.

    Google are still ahead of the game with search so it would follow reason that a product based around their biggest strength would be successful.

    Microsoft need to do what Alphabet Inc are looking to do (have done), call themselves Valhalla, and the browser Valhalla Edge.

  • Cortana and Privacy

    I have installed Windows 10 on my work laptop, happily I managed to find out that Cortana was disabled by group policy.

    I understand exactly the direction that Microsoft are going in terms of personal computing, and that AI is the next big bucket that they are investing in after the cloud and Azure. I tried to disable Cortana and was bewildered by the number of places that Windows is now tracking in Privacy settings (even if Cortana is off). Tuning Cortana off is like cancelling a credit card, where sometimes you are on the phone for hours before they understand what you said in the first minute of the conversation, "please cancel my credit card". This is unambiguous and clear.

    Can anyone please confirm if there is a single command or function that disables tracking completely in Windows, or is it built in a way that you cancel it in one place and be sure no data collection is occurring, and then by literally by opening a particular window or web form, it suddenly activates and you slowly are back to square one while using your computer innocently?

    I don't think it unreasonable to ask to have an operating system that you are completely in control of. With Google you know you are being watched when you search (I know a lot of people that use Bing for this very reason), but if it is now not possible at Microsoft, then I will have to consider permanently moving to another environment.

    I will not be updating my other computers or phones until some clarity is available.


  • Edge browser bug

    , spivonious wrote

    @TexasToast: As far as software, being able to quickly deliver a patch to all users and the popularity of agile workflows are to blame. The need to completely and thoroughly test software is going away. 

    This delivery method allows business to deliver "Software as a service", that's the catch in that each new release contains a lot of bugs that need to be fixed in the next version so business people can continue to make money using subscriptions.

    It brings the notion of consumerism to software in ways that did not exist before.