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  • OneDrive problems

    @SteveRichter: I worked on a backup solution before iCloud, OneDrive and Google drive, and although we stipulated that this was to backup home user files, you got businesses trying to backup their Sage Accounting databases, and email in their AppData folder.

    As other have intimated, I will say it bluntly, don't use OneDrive to back source code because this is not what the tool has be designed to do. It is best for word documents, pdf's, images and music files. Use SVN (Visual SVN has very affordable tools that make working with SVN easier) or Git or TFS as mentioned before.

    The whole point of saving source code in a versioning system, is being able to revert back to earlier check-in's seamlessly, this is the only option worth considering.

    Do not use OneDrive for source control!

  • Your Oldest Windows 10 Device?

    Since the Pentuim 4, it became hard to improve speed without having a huge and noisy fan, so computing hasn't really improved speed that much. Writing parallel code is too hard for many so not really a surprise that old machines can run modern software.

    I have a 5 year old AMD Phenom X6 that I don't develop on. In general, programming is something I do at work only nowadays, so I don't need a top end i7 at home, Windows runs great on it.

  • Real Programmers write their own tools ... ?

    It usually depends on the project, at the moment I have had look at our reporting suite in SSRS and created a WPF application that allows one to manipulate tasks common to our infrastructure changing servers and security boundaries that typically can save one up to 30 minutes a day, depending on how busy things are.

  • VIDEO:Dave Cutler interview

    @felix9:This video should be on the front page of Channel 9. (jokingly) your title might possibly be better written along the lines of

    • You Need This!
    • The Mozart of Computer Engineering
    • If you look for the word genius in the dictionary, you will find the name Dave Cutler
    • The Smartest Man you will ever see
    • This man excites me, really, he does!
    • Batman, Superman, Judge Dredd, Luke Skywalker combined
    • The superhero's Superhero
    • Charles said this would never happen, but they managed to do it

    I could go on and on (bit of a fanboi).

    ...just saying!:P

  • Surface phone

    Ever since Windows 95 Microsoft have had a "planned obsolescence" period of about three years (like car manufacturers BMW and Mercedes). Basically every three years, you release a new version that makes the previous model/version obsolete, this is why longhorn was seen as such a disaster as the financial people could only see lost revenue.

    This is the reason why my HTC 8X has been confined to history, with Microsoft showing no interest to update it. Apple on the other hand, make their products as good as possible and continue to update them for as long as possible. I have an iPad two years older than the aforementioned HTC phone that is running the latest iOS perfectly

    For their new Surface products to succeed they are going to have to clearly continue to support the hardware for a long time, I would not be surprised if the new Macbook competing Surface that costs considerably more is made obsolete way before an equivalent Macbook is?

  • MS AI looks really cool

    @bondsbw: I was responding to two items really,

    1. the ai imaging where Microsoft are helping individuals that are blind visualise the area around them (here distinguishing objects is still a problem)
    2. Cars where I am still of the opinion that the smaller steps are likely to be made, than suddenly Google releasing an driverless vehicle

    I agree with figuerres that humans for the most part are inefficient with vehicles, and most of the traffic jams are usually due to individuals bad driving. I can drive 10 days and 9.5 of those days people cannot read road signs correctly i.e 70 on a dual carriageway and 60 on a single. Most people never change when a road changes from a 40 to a 60, a lot of people cannot see huge 40 signs and stick to doing 30, usually the ones that leave huge gaps ahead of them, then dash for the traffic light when they are about to go red.

    In the long run, cars are not the answer, even if they are autonomous, there are already too many humans contesting for road space, so one would prefer they try and solve the far much more pressing and harder problem of how to improve transportation in a world where the population is growing.

  • MS AI looks really cool


    @magicalclick: The self driving car will likely never happen, and be another Google glass, though there may be some limited vehicles within programmed ranges in a city centre for example, humans are the biggest obstacles for driverless cars.

    I have worked on forensic imagery and also a company trying to implement this in CCTV for airports e.g. the cowards that detonated nail bombs in Brussels recently. Ideally your AI needs to be able to detect lots of moving targets simultaneously, the minute you have one 2D object overlapping another, you have one of the as yet unsolved problems in computer science. 

    Exciting, yes, but a long way off

  • Annoying "Get W10" updates

    @Ray7: As far as I'm concerned, Microsoft's Get Windows 10 (GWX) app — which is on every patched Windows 7 and 8.1 PC around — ranks somewhere between adware and malware for annoyance value.

    Microsoft have moved to a subscription based model where they use Agile software delivery. the irony is the people that wrote the agile manifesto explicitly say don't use it anymore because they have realized it does not work. While everyone at Redmond has their head in the sand, they are shipping substandard software thinking it is going to take over the world where people are just moving to competitors products.

  • Microsoft Impending Game Changers for Windows 10?


    , MasterPi wrote


    or some way to leverage the Health platform beyond just collecting data and creating dashboards/recommendations)

    I saw a programme on TV that showed how woefully inaccurate all the band technologies are at present. The test was to have a group of people walk up a landmark (like Big Ben) where they already know how many steps there were to the top, and all of them were off by a lot. If I do 100 steps and the band calculates 81 then this is not a technology I am going to ever use.

    Plan is to wait until there are substantial improvements in accuracy of these devices, and hopefully vendors can publish some test data showing reliability and accuracy, otherwise I am better off counting in my head.

  • Windows Phones that will get Windows 10

    Disappointing, I have an iPad 2 much older than my HTC 8X that is running the latest iOS perfectly