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  • Time to go X-Plat for Apps?

    , Ian2 wrote

    Wondering if I should bite or just go back to boring old Enterprise Development?

    I think most development work is Web apps using MVC or whatever JavaScript frameworks companies decide are the best fit for them. I would say 92% web VS 8% native is probably the mix of real world coding opportunities.

  • Time to go X-Plat for Apps?

    @Ian2: Surely you can develop in Windows and Visual Studio using Xamarin, you only need the Mac to compile the installation binaries (I think)

  • Windows 10 apps gain momentum

    @bondsbw:Looks to me to be a list of mostly companies that are going to build write once software for an enterprise delivery model i.e. software that Microsoft has failed to promote in any way whatsoever for the last 7 or 8 years (corporate software)

    The real momentum will come from Growlr, Grindr, Tinder, Instagram, Yammer and companies like Facebook.

    There is a reason the BBC's iPlayer is a native Adobe Air app, because a native app offers better user experience, and not a web browser. This is why Netflix are in the list.

  • Problem with XAML designer in Visual Studio 2015


    I have circled the information that I think will solve the issue

    The target Windows 10 Platform for "your app" is newer that the current version of Windows 10
    Update Windows 10 to enable the XAML designer and take advantage of new Windows features

  • How I would market Windows 10 Mobile

    I think Microsoft need to make the case and have developers excited again.

    Joe Stegman made Winforms exciting with his Outlook App, Tim Sneath made WPF exciting with his presentations, Jensen Harris made the Ribbon exciting, third parties like DexExpress, Infragistics and Telerik made components where people could visualise making a high end product that would sell.

    I think the real problem is that business/corporations no longer see Windows as a platform that they can build profitable products on. Android features heavily at my current workplace (as it did at my last workplace) simply because people could see that they could build a business and get a ROI.

    I am typing on a Mac right now, use an iPhone daily, and have an iPad for reading in bed and I am a Windows developer for God's sake, my work laptop runs Windows 7. I have said this several times, but each time I use an HTML app on my phone, usually I get a pop up advising me to download the App as it is a better experience. I have built large MVC applications for Financial and Security firms that opted for HTML to begin with, write once run everywhere, conversion rates for loans were very poor for the bootstrap and HTML applications, if you get someone using your app, you have a better chance at presenting your product and service in the best light, and differentiating yourself, as web apps are plain poor on a phone, no matter how much Signal R and JavaScript you write, and that is where most web use happens now.

    I don't think the Evangelism is engaging anymore, just corporate and bland, Geeks at Microsoft are what get the masses excited, as most of the masses listen to Geeks like you and me whether you believe it or not. Windows phone will not be popularised by Waggener Edstrom, it is the geeks like the guy with the Hololens that people listen to.

    Make the case as to why to develop for the Phone or UWP, Soma used to say that "we dogfood our own products", all you appear to do is build for competing platforms, then express wonderment as to why people don't write for Windows Phone, it a bit like all the employees at BMW driving Audi's and Fords?

  • Job posting with ​interperson​al skill???


    I guess this is subjective, I replaced my Windows Phone with an iPhone and still have both. If I want to play audio losslessly, I can do it on an iPhone, Windows phone thinks for me and converts it to a .wma. If I decide one day to use the camera on the Windows phone (recently), I find the Windows phone camera lacks basic features in the iPhone camera like setting a timer so you have to download an app. If I am in my car and need to change music easily, guess what, the iPhone does it easily.

    If you use Visual Studio or Windows, just look at each release, and the bug fixes released. People are still able to use Visual Studio 2008 because that was very stable, I have reproducible bugs in Visual Studio 2013 that I have to deal with every day, because Microsoft now focus on the newer versions of Visual Studio that I cannot upgrade to because of SSIS/SSRS/SSAS. Just look in this particular forum for a pretty bad XAML designer bug.

    I have used every single Visual Studio since 2003 so that is where the comparison of stability lies. Much as I like the design of Windows phone, it looks to be developed in XAML and as such should be as easy to change as a WPF app with templating and styling, even the tiles.

    I think there are one or two big things wrong with Windows phone and loads of small ones, if your basic music, video and camera software cannot match the competition in usability and features, what chance does your platform have?


  • Job posting with ​interperson​al skill???

    , bondsbw wrote


    It's not really agile then.  The first tenet of the agile manifesto is:

    • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools

    I don't know if you can blame agile for the problems of a group if agile isn't actually being practiced.

    I have worked on several agile projects, where the developers know what Agile means, but no-one else in the business does or cares for that matter. For the most part Agile is used to create a Dickensian environment where they developers to produce code like it is coming off a cotton mill. The one aspect people all like about it is that enables micro-management.

    I will no longer participate in projects where Agile is the main methodology, as every project I have worked on or seen ends up with technical debt that never gets paid off, if it does it is way too long after it should have been addressed.

    I am not having a dig at Microsoft, all I am saying is that most of the software coming out of Microsoft lacks the polish and glisten that usually comes out of developers not arriving at working looking to do what is sufficient rather than brilliant. For a basic database driven website, this can be acceptable, for front facing pieces of software trying to match up to an iPhone and be an iOS killer then you seriously need to address what allows developers to be brilliant.



  • Job posting with ​interperson​al skill???

    @magicalclick: Apple don't develop using the Agile methodology, and it shows in the end product, they need people that can communicate with each other, who treat every development task as a labour of love (something that Agile is against in every way). Most Agile teams are seldom about teamwork which is what a Scrum is all about (Rugby), all I tend to see are developers trying not to look a pleb in front of a Programme/Project manager

    Microsoft on the other hand have embraced Agile, which is why most of their products are lackclustre of late. At Apple they don't release something until its ready, at Microsoft they release it and they hope their update mechanism will patch things up.

  • They killed windows phone today?

    , spivonious wrote


    That says a lot. Belfiore, are you listening?

    I think he is going on sabbatical for a year, so someone else will have to pick up the helm.

  • My impressions of Visual Studios 2015

    @rjdohnert: That seems to be the way they are going, but I think their initial focus will be on Visual Studio Code and Visual Studio Online.

    NuGet has pretty much changed everything, I remember the nightmares of getting a Windows  XP machine where the developer (contractor) had been let go to save money, and he had not really been checking anything in well at all, or moving to a new machine and pulling a project from source code and spending the next week installing updates and trying to find .dll's as the developers in their infinite wisdom has used libraries like AntiXSS but used the beta versions that were now unavailable, but broke the application completely when you installed the official .dll's. VS nowadays just goes and gets everything, nothing short of magic!

    ASP.NET 5 is meant to be cross platform so that is a huge portion of .NET that is now open source, not sure what the IDE will be to use it on Linux though, but probably Visual Studio Online