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Vesuvius vesuvius Count Orlock
  • Windows 10 Fall Version

    , wkempf wrote

    @vesuvius: You're in touch mode. Open the notifications and there will be a button at the bottom that will allow you to switch to desktop mode. I'm not sure what caused you to switch modes, but this is the same UI as it's always been.

    Yes, that looks to be the case. 

    Silly mistake if not a little embarrassing but will be pretty pleased to get the old UI back.

    Many thanks all!

  • Windows 10 Fall Version


  • Windows 10 Fall Version

    @magicalclick:There is a Start Menu but it takes the whole screen like Windows 8.1. If you click on top of the start button, you get an alphabetic list to choose the app you want to run.

    I think it is probably best to wait and try it out yourself, as all I was thinking was they moved my cheese? I have used every Windows version since Windows 3.1 so am used to things working a certain way, though am starting to feel that change is happening for changes sake

  • Windows 10 Fall Version

    So, was busy trying to get some TED videos on my iPad last night by copying videos from my Windows 10 desktop, and suddenly, the UI changed completely. Perplexed and surprised, I resolved to apply the traditional fix, and restarted the computer.

    The computer updated to the latest Windows version, that is a lot more like the Windows 8 Metro Start screen, so some here will be pleased. They also have gotten rid of the search box that was the slowest search function inside any Microsoft product.

    My first impressions are that it is as buggy as hell, they probably have withdrawn the release to fix some issues. It took the best part of 30 mins to learn how to use Windows again, but it seems there has been an argument inside Microsoft and supporters of Sinofsky won. The desktop feels deprecated again, and quite frankly it is a strange OS to use.

    I think this release will divide opinion, but it will be like Marmite or Peanut Butter Jello, you will either like it or dislike it a lot.

    I probably won't express dissatisfaction at my computer updating out of the blue, without any warning or offering me a chance to defer, obviously they have decided that they have a way of dealing with any criticism around this.

  • The should I give up my windows phone question


    , BitFlipper wrote


    I think it is more likely that these companies are waiting for WP to gain enough market share to be worth the trouble than waiting for W10.

    Snapchat (software I know nothing about) has reached 6 billion daily views, 2 million a day less than Facebook. They are only iOS and Android, Windows Phone wouldn't add much to that number.

    If I was Microsoft I would be trying to get big business to develop enterprise apps as they might (note might) still have a chance there. A lot of website are not suggesting that I download the App on my iPhone as though HTML gives you write once run everywhere, it is plain poor on a phone.

  • How do techies organize their Digital Assets

    , Spectate​Swamp1 wrote

    I have my own methods of organizing Video, Audio, Pictures and Text.
    I'd like to hear and learn from those that are Experts.


  • so this is what happened to Erik Meijer

    I fell of my chair when I saw one of those slides at work. Good to hear he is back.

  • No more end to end encryption

    @TexasToast: There have been successful attempts to thwart the snooper's charter before, but the climate has changed considerably since the terror massacre in Sousse earlier this year, people are quite belligerent but also more open to allowing this scum to be caught by any means necessary, there was talk of banning encryption entirely earlier

  • No more end to end encryption


    , bondsbw wrote

    So if I run a wireless access point for my friends, but I don't force them to use HTTPS via a proxy I control and using a certificate I own, then I can go to jail?

    The main point is that they are not after civilians like you and me, just paedo's and terrorists. A week or so ago, one of the larger technology firms offering broadband here in the UK got hacked. They have arrested a couple of script kiddies who apparently managed a SQL injection attack due to lax security.

    The problem is that if the encryption is breakable, not only does it leave banking information vulnerable to attack, but people wanting to break it will know it is breakable and break it.


  • No more end to end encryption

    No more end to end encryption to be made Law http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/terrorism-in-the-uk/11970391/Internet-firms-to-be-banned-from-offering-out-of-reach-communications-under-new-laws.html, though a jail broken phone that never updates can possibly circumvent this for a while