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Vesuvius vesuvius Count Orlock
  • That other NASA project for helping astronauts

    , cheong wrote

    That's cool.


  • Microsoft should make Windows UI open source

    @TheTraveler: With

    , TheTraveler wrote


    You would not have that problem when using themes.

    I have never ever seen an OS, Website or Software application that succeeded that allows people to theme it. 

    10 times out of 10 it looks atrocious. Microsoft have never needed to open source the menu, how do these guys do it?

  • the future of windows

    @figuerres: Business will still continue to pay, as will PC manufactures so the Cash cow is still there, according to Satya:

    "If you think about our history in technology, we've had concepts that have changed how people have interacted with their computing resources.

    "One of them was a graphical user interface, the second was the browser and the web. I think of Cortana as the third platform."

    Google will always use your data to sell advertising, as will Facebook, Microsoft are looking to gain end users trust, so personal information is used to help you. I have just heard an interview on Radio 4 with someone lady suffering insomnia, and virtual reality technology helping her so Hololens has a future.

    Part of Microsoft problem is that they make a lot of money from business, from Excel to Sharepoint, I am working at a place that does not have an exchange server for the first time in 20 years (office 365) so when these users look to entertainment, Apple and Android provide a different user experience. In five years time Microsoft will have Office and Visual Studio running maturely on whatever device you have.

    Operating systems have reached an equilibrium, as I type on a Macbook, most users needs are catered for i.e. play video, use Skype, browse the internet and look at your photos so I cannot see what else is major that is missing in the OS's from Linux, iOS, Android and Windows?

    Apple are banking on Apple Pay, Health and Music Streaming so the big three are now focussing on user experience, not in terms of a GUI, but in your day to day life (or advertising).

    Just what will wastingtimewithforums have to do now there are no major releases of Windows?

    Article here

  • Visual Studio 2015 RTM on MSDN

    , GreyLensman wrote

    @BitFlipper:  Setting your project to "Any CPU" is down right evil.  That allows for undiagnosed bugs to slip into  your projects.  Consider what happens if you develop against "any cpu" and your project uses a 32 bit DLL (think Crystal reports for example).  It works in testing.  You deploy to a web server that happens to be a 64 bit server and suddenly your working project dies a horrible death.  


    Try set the process to run as 32 bit on the server. I ran into a similar issue with SAP Advantage database server in a web service that had 32 bit dependencies that kept blowing up.

  • Win10: ​Bewildermen​t.... Not loading it...

    , kettch wrote

    @SimonJ: It's not too late. We know that there will be regular updates, so hopefully as they work through the list of stuff, cleaning up icons might end up being a priority. People just need to make sure that the feedback keeps happening.

    Personally speaking, I think that there are bits of Windows that people just do not touch, under any circumstances whatsoever, because the code is too complex, and the risk to backwards compatibility and the test matrix required means that it would cost astronomical amounts  of money for what some may see as a poor ROI. Microsoft have hired some of the best designers in the world, if they cannot persuade Microsoft, no-one can.

    The user interface shouldn't be something people have to complain about. Against all better judgement, I got a MacBook  recently(after swearing to never buy another Apple product), because all the other computers from HP, Acer and even Lenovo looked clunky and ugly, and the specs were clearly about profit, mismatched RAM and hybrid SSD's (I did not have time to order one over the internet). The machine has a reasonably sized SSD and 16 gig RAM and looks amazing, and to be honest runs Windows perfectly with parallels, it is my main development machine for work.

    Onto the user interface, in iOS, everything is consistent visually, especially the icons, so the design will always appeal to the masses. There are too many people with too much influence in Microsoft that kill off any suggestion that Visual Studio or Windows have a complete redesign, Apple would never allow this so their products appeal to more people for simple reasons not complicated ones.

    For all the shouting the Visual Studio team can shout about it being the one tool you can use for any device, and Windows everywhere, the inability to afford sufficient attention to a consistent design is why designers, hipsters and those who drink the kool-aid will never be seen dead with a Windows machine.

    Buy a brand new Audi or BMW and you will find most models have the same engine from 6 years ago or even longer, but they improve everything that is visual, the interior, the aerodynamics and bodywork, even the grille. This tends to be how Apple work, if Windows was a car your would have backseats from the seventies, with the latest recaro seats at the front. You would have formula 1 gear shifters, but the actual knob on the gear shift would be from the eighties, people should not have to state the obvious, but if I am honest, I know just how complex the system is, I have not mentioned anything till now because I wouldn't want to be tasked with updating the parts of Windows people complain about, because it is not at all easy.

  • Visual Studio 2015 RTM on MSDN

    @kettch: I think there would have been some pretty high profile announcements, I have just read through Soma's blog where that definitely would have been announced, I think whoever created the media added x64 by mistake

  • Tips for the Microsoft Band?

    , spivonious wrote

    Main uses for me are bicycling and sleep tracking. Having the GPS on really burns through the battery...I could probably get about 2-3 hours usage on a full charge. Without GPS it lasts 2-3 days.

    Probably preaching to the choir, but most if not all navigation is based on the A* Search algorithm which is very compute intensive, by all accounts it has taken 50+ years for us to get to where we are now, 2-3 hours would have been 2-3 minutes a few years ago when smartphones came out so the engineers at Microsoft are as bright as you like. I don't think this algorithm will ever not be compute intensive. Tom-Tom and Garmin made millions by being able to implement the algorithm, maybe the solution is to get a charger for your bike or a solar charger on your head

  • Why does Windows think it knows better than me?

    , GoddersUK wrote

    I don't even get what you mean here...


    Most costly fraud and security related incidents are about stealing peoples identity  and personal information e.g QPM hack. There have been countless breaches recently, if the Windows team found a vulnerability that could expose ones personal information, I would accept a hard reboot and forced update, but if it is for general usage benefits i.e. we have hundreds of millions of people on update x that contains UI bug fixes or non critical fixes as appears to be happening, then that is irritating.  

  • Why does Windows think it knows better than me?

    , bondsbw wrote

    Windows should never attempt anything that would screw up the presentation like rebooting or turning off the display (except in critical battery conditions).

    Only Zero day security exploits should force a computer to restart, most people would accept that if it happened from time to time. I have been quite irritated at this behaviour with the insider program, where I needed to do something urgent on the computer, and have had to abort because it has decided to update (I have since changed the settings)

    Every time I plug my iPhone, lets say I want to copy some music across to the phone in the morning (usually in a rush) I have to wait while it always performs its back up routine.

    Online fraud and identity theft is on the rise, in recent terror attacks the Police have been wearing masks to avoid identification, so the security of Windows is a heavy burden and something that must be taken seriously.

    This auto restart reminds one of HAL9000, "Open the Doors HAL!".

  • A new Crockford talk

    , fanbaby wrote

    @Dr Herbie:

    I'm not employed, let alone employing anyone, but if i was interviewing someone for a C# job, and he didn't know who Crockfod is...

    Crockford has absolutely nothing to do with C#, there are developers that code that never have to touch JavaScript.

    @ Dr Herbie, Douglas Crockford is fanbaby's absolute hero.