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  • Visual Studio 2010 or Visual Studio 2003?

    W3bbo said:
    MHKushner said:
    What's the word on VS2010 respecting system color and DPI settings? I guess being WPF-based supporting arbitrary DPI is built-in, but what about if say... I'm not using the default Win7 color scheme? It's one of the things that put me off Office 2007.
    Those days are long gone.

    This was at the request of people in Business who are the bulk of Office consumers. If you look at your average business machine, application upon application is the "sea of grey" people always mention. This is because applications have looked this way for the last 15 years (grey forms).

    WPF is a definite departure from that type of restriction, so you can tacitly assume that Office 2003 was the last time any such restriction was imposed (especially if you want the Form Chrome Office 2007 uses). Were that not the case, everybody would just be coding in Windows Forms and be done with it. Why have vector based graphics if you are just going to have a grey "system" or "classic" palette?

  • Visual Studio 2010 or Visual Studio 2003?

    MHKushner said:

    Hi, I'm a UX designer on Visual Studio and am happy to hear the positive feedback on the new look we developed for 2010.  Also, thanks for your comments with regards to our icons.  Updating the 1000s of icons in VS is not a trivial task, so we unfortunately won't be able to do this in the 2010 timeframe.  However, we are investigating a refresh for the following release.  Besides the current icons feeling dated and requiring a fresher feel, do you have any other feedback about what you would like to see in our icons in the future?  Thanks!

    Thank you for your response, it is fabulous to hear from the folks involved in VS.

    I realise that changing the icons is a mammoth task, I have recently done this for a smallish project, and Visual Studio itself is very painful in this regard. In truth, I almost rolled back at one point, but I am glad I did not. I do think that you must have some sort of telemetry, and can therefore determine the most frequently used icons. Even if you look in Internet Explorer for example there are older icons in the more hidden or less used areas, so if you could change the top 50 or 100, then release on release it would be easier. Vsual Studio icons are like windows dialogs insofar as no-one want to change them, and they sadly get pushed to the back of the queue release upon release.

    Yesterday I tried out sobees which is a WPF application still in beta. To be honest the performace is not there yet, but my have they made some wise choices with their icons. Lets look at the log on screen

    Look at this loading screen with a different type of marquee progress bar

    the toolbar


    Now I know that this is just a social networking application, and it is not anything like a serious development tool like VS, but the icon selection completes the look and feel for the application, and this is what is lacking in Visual Studio.

    Icons are such and easy way to enhance an application visually, but Visual Studio is a tool and not an oil painting. The Office people realise the importance of icons in the UI, consequently release upon release they have used better icons. It is a surruptitious, almost insidious way to improve things where users just feel the application is new.

    Obviously this is all subjective, but the shell and code editor looks great, and I can't wait to get my "mitts" on the beta.

  • I went back to Internet Explorer from Firefox

    In case you may have noticed more spelling errors in my posts, this is because I don't have the spellcheck feature in firefox and have not found one in IE yet.

    Nevertherless, I know I will probably install firefox again (and Opera etc), but I have used IE as my sole browser fro the last 3 weeks, and the experience has been a very pleasant one. That it is a better browser is unquestionable, and am finding accelerators to be very useful.

    It certainly is not as slow as it used to be, and all in all, I don't really miss Firefox at all. Web sites are not as broken as they were in Windows 7 (not testing that anyore), and can see me using IE for quite a while into the future.

    If you are a Firefox stalwart, you may want to give it another try.

  • Visual Studio 2010 or Visual Studio 2003?

    Looking good, but please don't leave in the Office 2003 icons. Even Windows 7 has some new icons that add a fresher feel, and icons (as well as computer monitors/graphics) have moved on in leaps and bounds in recent years.

  • C9 Task Force * Updated thread title ...works!!  :)

    PaoloM said:
    Sven Groot said:
    5 in favor, 2 against. Welcome to democracy in action Smiley
    I'm afraid I dislike it, and think the lunatics are running the asylum now.

    Developers are proably the worst people to consult on UI design, and I would rather consult the person that submitted the original design, because the present design looks like it was done in 2 minutes in Photoshop.

    This site is AJAXified, consequently poor on accesibility anyway, and the menu was fine as it was.

    Any chance I can get a CSS script to replace the anathema?

  • Vide Editor in WPF Released!!!

    I think the muted response thus far is suspicious. Had I been agonizing on a project for a while, then peoples initial response would have been important, so I would have taken steps to placate them with images A.S.A.P.

    I must say that doing this sort of thing in WPF is a walk-in-the-park, though Expression Encoder may have a word or two about being the "First" and such like.

  • WSE vs WCF

    Maybe http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa702621.aspx

  • 50% of C9 is Spam

    Minh said:
    phreaks said:
    Oh, you're one of them annoying "glass is half full" people! Haha!
    I am just happy to have the glass.

  • C# to Visual Basic

    Sven Groot said:
    vesuvius said:

    RaiseEvent raises an event (so it is used only by the class that declares the event). AddHandler attaches an event handler, same as += in C#.

    Visual Basic does not support statement lambdas, only expression lambdas. Essentially that means that a lambda must return a value, so you cannot use them this way. You'll have to use a real method instead. Fwiw, I believe VB2010 will support statement lambdas.

    That stops the dog chasing its tail and running around in endless circles.

    Thanks alot for that!

  • C# to Visual Basic

    Sven Groot said:
    This was done by hand, I haven't tried it but it should be correct.

    Private Function BuildStories(ByVal e As DownloadStringCompletedEventArgs) As IEnumerable(Of DiggStory)
        If e.[Error] IsNot Nothing Then
            Return New List(Of DiggStory)(New DiggStory() { New DiggStory() With { .Title = e.[Error].Message } })
        End If
        Dim xmlStories As XDocument = XDocument.Parse(e.Result)
        Dim stories = From story In xmlStories...<story> _
                      Where story.<thumbnail> IsNot Nothing AndAlso _
                            Not story.<thumbnail>.@src.Value.EndsWith(".gif") _
                      Select New DiggStory() With _
                      { _
                          .Id = CInt(story.@id), _
                          .Title = story.<title>.Value.Trim(), _
                          .Description = story.<description>.Value.Trim(), _
                          .ThumbNail = story.<thumbnail>.@src.Value, _
                          .HrefLenk = new Uri(story.@link.Value), _
                          .NumDiggs = CInt(story.@diggs), _
                          .UserName = story.<user>.@name.Value _
        Return stories
    End Function

    thanks for that, I was having a few errors with the @src attribute, so removed it, and got this (basically all the fileds are strings and integers except the uri) and VS does not complain now

    this is basically Scott Gu's Silverlight Demo. I have tried to compile this but it won't let me. the iissue is this part now

    Where I have the DownStringCompleted event as

            AddHandler diggService.DownloadStringCompleted, Function(sender, e) SearchCompleteCallback(BuildStories(e))

    but visual studio does not like the lambda which gives this error

    I also don't understand why this is not,
    RaiseEvent diggService.DownloadStringCompleted, Function(sender, e) SearchCompleteCallback(BuildStories(e))

    and you have "add handler" instead. Again I apologise for my highly probable misunderstanding of how the language works.