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  • Email thread response ​notificatio​ns

    Duncanma said:
    I would love to add this... but we don't store your email address at the moment. I think I should reopen the discussion around this back on our end, figuring out how we can make this happen.

    Live Alerts have been suggested a few times, but I don't believe I use that feature from anywhere else... and I'd rather just get an email.

    If I could give you a per-user RSS feed that was any comments/replies in any thread that you started or posted in... would that be useful?
    That sounds very interesting, not quite sure how it would work though?

    I also think you'd end up having to search through all the RSS feeds, and remembering which ones you replied to or instigated, and you may or may not find the response. An Email notification seems like the easiest solution and the most user friendly option, but you may be onto something.

  • Live Essentials is out of beta

    Do you know what, I felt a little queezy about the install of this last night? I new I was installing a supposed beta, but my attention was deflected by the fact that the install was on Windows 7, and everything went on smoother than a well diggers ar*e.

    The suite looks great on Windows 7, but rather crap on Vista.

  • Windows 7 and .NET Framework 4.0?

    I would guess-timate as a 100% yes.

    Microsoft were accused of not doing enough to deploy .NET 2.0, and since most businesses will jump to Win 7 and skip Vista, it makes sense to have .NET 4.0 on the machine.

    You may as well assume that .NET is now tied to Windows releases, and there would have to extenuating circumstances were this not to be so.

  • Windows 7 removes Quick Launch

    PaoloM said:
    Bas said:
    That'd be Fitt's, even Smiley
    Fitt's law is illuminating.

    My question however is why it has taken 13 years for a world leading brand to implement this change? Is it a case of users like change, but development teams like change even less?

    This is  a feature though, albeit a UI feature, and something the present OS ships with and Mark Miller is a stalwart for not moving a mouse any further than you ever need to. Further usage of 7 has allowed me to see the paradigm shift.
    Basically what you are getting is a contextual menu in the taskbar, much like Microsft Word, and all the favorite and contextual data/options present

    I now have sufficent justification for this, which was necessary, and I think it has been put in the corner, because it will be used far less.

    Looks tremendous by the way, and all done natively.

  • Windows 7 removes Quick Launch

    wkempf said:
    Bas said:
    Yeah, that's what I love about most criticisms of any new Windows version.  98% of them are simply "I don't like change" rants.  However, without change you can't improve.  Even more illogical is that the response by most of these folks is also usually "I'm going to switch to [OS of your choice]!"  Talk about change!  And it's not like every other OS doesn't do the same thing with their new releases.

    In this case, I have to say I'm not even sure why we're retaining the ability to show the desktop.  I pretty much never use this.  The desktop is the worst place to store anything, even in XP.  Of course I realize this is an opinion, and like the famous saying goes, everyone has one of those as well.
    I agree with the thrust of this, but you must always be careful not to change things just for the sake of changing them. I require justifications for any change, and there probably is a good reason for the change.

    If you weigh up the fact that this feature has been available for 13 years, then it is highly likely that some people are going to get annoyed. If you also look at the way it was promoted in Vista, with the 3D view right next to it, it feels as if the rug has been pulled beneath your feet.
    I can however, see that the shift is to have all your "in use" icons in the taskbar now, as opposed to you desktop.

    I scarcely have more than 3 icons on my desktop, but there are times I store a lot of temporary files before I decide to either archive them, or bin them. Obviously Visual Studio or Firefox will always be pinned to the taskbar, but I use my desktop as sort of a "sticky note" area - with all my reminders.

     I will watch and learn the reasoning for the shift - and I like change- but prima facie this "looks" like it will annoy people, especially those that have used the feature for 13 years. Humans are habitual creatures after all.

  • Windows 7 removes Quick Launch

    CannotResolveSymbol said:
    DCMonkey said:
    Anyone on Win7 want to tell me what happens if you put 


    into a text file named "test.scf" (or copy the Show Desktop link from XP/Vista), drag it onto the taskbar, and click it?  Might be the solution you're looking for.

    If that doesn't work, writing a little C application to send Explorer the ToggleDesktop command shouldn't be difficult, and you could pin that to the taskbar.
    What you get is the old XP show desktop icon, and it does toggle the screen as you would expect.

    Only issue here is that, when you drag it onto the taskbar, it tells you that it is pinned, but you don't get an icon at the bottom. The only icon you have to use is the one in the right hand corner - not really an icon but see above image with red arrow.

    It looks as if this is all predetermined behavior. I am going to watch a few of the new taskbar videos just posted to see why the shift.

  • Blue?

    Kryptos said:
    I Really like it .... leave it  .... no more orange Smiley
    As do I, but the links are the wrong colour, and don't complement the Sky Blue theme.
    Kryptos, you may want to look at Jamie's posts, especially on themes/theming as you can have your own user defined CSS and skin the site to your liking. Jamie has a bunch of cool skins, even a "Windows 7 is already legacy" corona_coder theme.

  • Windows 7 removes Quick Launch

    Sven Groot said:
    Bas said:

    I don't know. I've been using the button on the left since Windows 95 with the IE4 desktop update. That's almost 13 years of getting used to it being on the left.
    My point entirely, but I fear that we mave have no choice in the matter.
    I already see a hack when you "hook-up" the show desktop/quick launch command, to a button that you can then drag onto the task bar. This may be possible, but it would have been nice to have left the old option left in, or I may have to resort to the windows button + d [keyboard].

  • Windows 7 Beta is on MSDN

    How are you Dovella?

    Have you managed to get any sleep at all over the last week?

  • Windows 7 Beta is on MSDN

    Bas said:
    I just remembered, if this is indeed build 7000, that would mean the music-corruption bug is still in there. So does this mean that there's no way of testing Windows Media Player without destroying part of your music library? That'd be... a bad idea.
    There is a QFE bug fix for it being released soon Bas, I cannot remember where I read that earlierr today.
    Again this has been the advantage for leaking this build. It allows Paolo and crew to hit the ground running.