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Vesuvius vesuvius Count Orlock
  • Windows Azure.

    jamie said:
    Bas said:
    i say .. asier  like as-zee-ure
    but they say azer

    You say po-tar-toe, I say po-tay-toe me thinks. Not you Jamie, but it's a common phrase.

    I say it the way you do az-year (by the way)

    First one to know what the word means with using Google search gets a prize.

  • Windows Azure.

    blowdart said:
    So far, the overriding question I have is why an Enterprise Company would ever relinquish control of their data and ultimately their company to the cloud?

    I really am flummoxed on this one, it seems absurd to me prima facie.

    Your typical business will always retain 95% of control on their own servers and open up some specific services, with non-sensitive information.

  • Yahoo discontinues WPF-based Vista Messenger

    Verve said:
    vesuvius said:
    Most here are trying to blame WPF but it is very possible the decision had nothing to do with technology what so ever.
    If you have an application that is downloaded by millions, irrespective of what it is written in, it will never be axed. Ever!

    If you do have an application, that took a significant development effort and budget, then the decision to axe it must and does raise questions on the tech that was used to build it.

    Most people would have laughed at Ruby but look at Twitter.

    WPF is a great technology and I adore it. It's juts that it is very easy to make bad applications with it, and Yahoo are not perfect.

  • Windows Azure.

    Well done Blowdart, Ozzie has just announced this in his Keynote.

  • Yahoo discontinues WPF-based Vista Messenger

    Dexter said:
    vesuvius said:
    Huh? Are you talking to me? Because I did not mention WPF anywhere, I was talking about the new v9 YM that has some ugly themes that cannot be turned off. And it's Win32, not WPF.
    Must have misread you, but I still stand my the WPF xbap example. I think some of it is nice, but not amazing. The speed though takes some getting used to (like the grid) and a message client written with these components will not succeed, because people want something "snappy".

    I've not used Yahoo, since I last tried the WPF messenger, I'll try the standard one again.

  • Yahoo discontinues WPF-based Vista Messenger

    Dexter said:
    Ion Todirel said:
    And it got worse with v9 Smiley. I can't turn off its "custom theme" anymore and all the themes sucks.  "Customized" window title bar on Vista?? Live Messnger got rid of it in (at least in the current beta) and now YM does it? Way to go Yahoo.
    On the subject of bad WPF, please have a look at this.

    I must add a caveat, and that is I love WPF by the way.

    These are commercial tools that have been developed and cost quite a bit for a team of developers. Have a look at the datagrid and the carousel view speed (then imagine it on a bog standard business machine).

    Apart from the Office themes, I think the rest are a bit of a disaster, I can't quite put my finger on it but something is just not quite right, and tells me trying to develop an application with tools like this will only end in tears.

    It's just not quite ready yet.

  • Yahoo discontinues WPF-based Vista Messenger

    A high profile application, with a high profile disaster story. I would like to hear more from the management team, as to why the decision was taken, but I'm afraid it may be some time.

    I do feel that the decision was due to the fact that there was a lack of competition for them, and messenger clients (like Skype etc.) are all about ease of use and speed. People voted with their feet, and had the download statistics been significant at Yahoo for their messenger client, then this would still continue to be developed.

    It has been said before 1001 times and I will say it again. Eat your own dogfood! Don't tell the world to use WPF, and continue to use Win32 for all your client applications. Yahoo have been clever and buried this announcement in PDC,l because in a few hours, the news will all be about Ozzie, Guthrie, Treadwell etc.

  • next week: ... so whos excited?

    ScanIAm said:
    Charles said:
    I'll be happy if you (MSFT) will invent your way into a release version of Linq to XSD.
    That is exactly why I have always said Linq to XML is a big waste of time. I know poeple want new dynamic features, but I would be happy with them just continuing to polish a lot of what is there sometimes.


    The clocks go back tonight for us, so it will soon be getting dark at 16:00 (oh how depressing), so the distraction of PDC will be most welcome. Mind you, Channel 9 has been quite a distraction this month anyway, but there are some big announcements due, leaving me with ants in my pants.

  • Microsoft DevLabs

    Maddus Mattus said:
    Bas said:
    Bad business case,..

    We would like it, as a geek thing, but it wouldnt hold up in the real world.

    Most real world application development is actually quite boring. Eric Lippert has a blog favoured by the Visual Studio start page, and it is clear that that is where the nuts and bolts of C# are turning.

    Very few of us have the opportunity (some would say brains) to worry about such langauge minutae. As steveo_  states, mashups and popfly etc. are far more engaging for learners, because they can see the effects of their (cough cough) programming more instantly.

    I still remember the first time  got a do/while loop working in C++ in a console application. I still adore that. I started to see how a computer works, but for most people, it is rather demure.

  • Microsoft DevLabs

    I'm not so sure about learning to code at such a young age. I think it important to learn the concepts for sure, but it is imperative  kids learn other engineering disciplines.

    I'm a Mechanical engineer at heart, and most of those concepts are still applicable to computing, and I don't really miss the not learning a programming langauge at a young age. It is far more important to know Mathematics and be proficient in that. I know some people that started young (most tend to be 'merikan's) and most seem to get "burned out" in their mid-to-late twenties.

    I think you really need a rounded education, incorporating an array of disciplies, developing a more erm... grounded "developer". BASIC is important, but Calculus even more so.