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Vesuvius vesuvius Count Orlock
  • Channel 9 Silverlight 2 Player

    Silverlight 2.0 was released a week ago, meaning that a new player with Adaptive Streaming is now possible.

    When can we expect a new player?
    What would you like to see in the new Silvelight 2.0 player?

  • PDC keynote

    Bass said:
    What do people mean when they say "cloud hosting"? Sounds a lot like web hosting to me. Okay you can run arbitrary programs? Sounds a lot like a shell account to me.
    Web hosting is typically 1 server only.

    Cloud hosting is more like a bank for example. Lets say you have a bank account with bank ABCD. You need to be able to access your money from all over the world, be that China, New Zealand or South Africa. It would be impracticable to have just the one server facilitating the whole world.

    Instead, you have thousands of servers, in data centres all over the world, with an exact replica of the same data. That way, if you are in Johannesburg, the data centre in South Africa authenticates your card and supplies you with money. If you are in New Zealand, the data centre in Australia authenticates you. All these servers have exactly the same information at any given time.

    The same principle is applicable for a whole host of scenarios, where your typical client server (website) is insufficiently robust to handle the requests for data. Think Microsoft updates for SP1 or their security updates, or any other global company. It would be foolish to have everybody connect to the servers in Redmond for SP1. It also means that if a bunch of servers go down, it does not means the whole world is unable to update their computers.

  • Windows Azure.

    Right, after some rumination, we need to get down to the nitty-gritty of the thing.

    If this is an OS in the cloud, It is an OS nonetheless,  as it has been endorsed as such by Microsoft. I'm sure you all know that OS's do not come cheaply from Microsoft.

    How much is this all going to cost?

  • WPF: Does it equal slower and bulkier apps?

    DarrenP said:
    DarrenP said:
    One thing that I've found really great about WPF is the ability for designers and developers to work on the same application, really simplifies things for me, knowing that I can focus more on the design and leave the developers with the logic.

    I've had a few developers tell me that they can make the same quality applications using WinForms, it just takes more work, but is offset by not having to learn WPF.

    I've disagreed with them saying that WPF is what we're going to be using primarily in the near future, so learning it now would be beneficial.
    I don't think you've drawn out a realistic budget for your WPF designers. Winforms at present has a whole host of controls that don't need to be developed from scratch, unlike WPF.

    If you then add up the cost of paying everyone on the team to learn WPF in 6 months to a year (that's how long it will take realistically) plus the costs of a crack design team, then your budget inflates to the hundereds of thousands, thats even before the project begins.

    Most projects fail because they go over budget, so you need to watch your expenditure. Unless there is an overwhelming reason to upgrade, don't, but do it gradually.

    I have a post that goes into more detail here.

  • Windows Azure.

    evildictaitor said:
    vesuvius said:
    Well, it means blue (originally from the persian city where pretty blue stones came from), but the word's pronouciation isn't up for debate. It's pronounced like the as in "has" and "ure" like the "eur" in "europe".

    I had not made the French Riviera Connection. The Cote d'Azur.

  • Installing Office 2007 stops Windows from coming up

    Take the new RAM out and put the old one in (dont use word)

    Switch off and try the new RAM again

    If it does not work, check the RAM is sat correctly and most importantly it is the correct RAM for the machine.

  • PDC keynote

    Not at all, it is very important for business. I know a business that uses Red Prairie [in the Bob Muglia demo], and that is the stuff that keeps a whole host of retail stores working. I'm talking the biggest chains in the country.

    The keynote is all about Architects and people that build systems, and is a planet away from a parallel for loop. I would say it would have put most people to sleep, but the decision makers would have enjoyed it.

    I was sceptical, but I can see the significant benefit that this offers. Just as well I got my MCTS book on WCF last week. Seems like a worthwhile investment.

  • Windows Azure.

    jamie said:
    Bas said:
    i say .. asier  like as-zee-ure
    but they say azer

    You say po-tar-toe, I say po-tay-toe me thinks. Not you Jamie, but it's a common phrase.

    I say it the way you do az-year (by the way)

    First one to know what the word means with using Google search gets a prize.

  • Windows Azure.

    blowdart said:
    So far, the overriding question I have is why an Enterprise Company would ever relinquish control of their data and ultimately their company to the cloud?

    I really am flummoxed on this one, it seems absurd to me prima facie.

    Your typical business will always retain 95% of control on their own servers and open up some specific services, with non-sensitive information.

  • Yahoo discontinues WPF-based Vista Messenger

    Verve said:
    vesuvius said:
    Most here are trying to blame WPF but it is very possible the decision had nothing to do with technology what so ever.
    If you have an application that is downloaded by millions, irrespective of what it is written in, it will never be axed. Ever!

    If you do have an application, that took a significant development effort and budget, then the decision to axe it must and does raise questions on the tech that was used to build it.

    Most people would have laughed at Ruby but look at Twitter.

    WPF is a great technology and I adore it. It's juts that it is very easy to make bad applications with it, and Yahoo are not perfect.